How Bad It Is Here

Mr. Weinstein,

Sir, I am one of the MRFF’s 13 clients at Robins AFB.

My wife and I are Christians and I am an Air Force officer. We are raising our kids as Christians too.

Thank you for fighting the good fight over the “have a blessed day” fiasco down here. It’s so wrong that I shouldn’t even have to go into it further.

As you might guess it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to both flagrant and not so flagrant evangelical Christian bullying that goes on here as naturally as everyone breathes. Now the chain of command is trying to find out who went to you and the MRFF for help. People are scared.

I wish I could come forward but I have a family to think of and they would be hurt if I did. I would be hurt too. I’m so sorry and I feel terrible about it and so does my wife.

Please do know how much we all appreciate your intervention but for now we must stay in the shadows. Sad to have it be that way in our Air Force.

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1 Comment

  1. jimbo

    As a civilian I was recently exposed to this christianist crap during a telephone call to my telephone company, and I told the person doing it if I heard it again I would take whatever penalties that might accrue to me and quit them. I heard it once more, now no more. That crap is pure proselytizing, and for anyone to agree to allowing it are dishonest at the least, and someone who can’t understand the importance of separating church and state. The real shame of the whole thing is that as a civilian I can tell these fools to stuff it, of my insult that someone might consider me stupid enough to want to tolerate it, and my determination to fight whatever fight I can to put an end to the christianist ignorance. The real shame is you who are in the service can’t dislodge yourself from this foolishness, based on the word of some moron for whatever reason can’t bring himself to understand the significance of his/her stupidity.

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