“Silent Soldier” Threat

Mickey Weinstein looks like a short man with a burning need to feel big and he’s found it being an atheistic attack mutt. Someone needs to drag his butt behind a building and show him just how tough he’s not. It’s ridiculous how stupid people get with all the PC crap, everyone is offended by everything! They need to get a life.

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1 Comment

  1. Larry Fleisher

    mikey, not mickey, is not an aetheist..he is a practicing jew and his sole mission is to stop the forcible introduction of christianity into our military ..
    if you feel the need to pray by all means , please do, on your own time and in your own sanctuary, but do not forcefeed your beliefs to others who may not hold your same beliefs .
    that , my young friend is the sole purpose of MRFF and bonnie and michael.
    and yes i did serve. 330th combat engineers during the cuban missile crisis. many years ago , but the religious inuendos and prayers were as bothersome then as now.

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