Stoning of a little Arab Girl (debate with detractor)

Original email from detractor

Dear Mikey,

And all those associated with MRFF. I want you to take a long look at this video of a little Christian Arab girl who was stoned and beaten to death for not converting to Islam!

How dare you call Christians monsters and Christian Taliban, these are the true monsters who you refuse to speak out against and liken us too!!!

You call Christians bigots because we refuse to make cakes for homosexual weddings or do photography for their weddings or cater them, yet have you seen the photographs of homosexuals who are hanging from cranes  in the Middle East, killed because they are gay, so who is the bigot now huh???
You disgust me with your double standards and hypocrisy!!!

Here is the video, watch it very carefully, do you feel anything for this little Christian Arab girl who is killed just because she is a Christian??!!

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF ally and USAF Vet Mike Challman

Dear (name withheld),

I expect that you are no longer hearing back from many, or perhaps even any, of my MRFF colleagues.  But you would be grossly mistaken to conclude that it’s due to some compelling truth, within your enormous number of emails, for which there is no rebuttal.

Trust me, that is far from the case.

Rather, folks have long ago wearied of your incessant, interminable, ignorant missives which do little more than confirm that you are a close-minded and obstinate grumbler who appears to be so enthralled with the sound of your own voice that you can hear nothing else. As for me, I have a fairly high threshold for your kind of doltish folly, although I must admit that you may soon push even me past the limits of my usual patience and diplomacy. Simply put, I find you to be a patently unkind, nasty man who does not show much evidence of the love of Christ in your actions.

Case in point: your email below.

How dare you assume that anyone at the MRFF would not feel revulsion when innocent people are stoned, beaten, and hung because of who they are or what they believe. We share the same horror that every compassionate person feels about such abominable behavior, and we condemn it without equivocation.

To quote you directly — You disgust me with your double standards and hypocrisy!!! Specifically, I’m disgusted by your apparent belief that because you can find examples of behavior that is more horrific than the civil rights violations that are committed by Dominionist Christians in America, then those violations are somehow not a problem or even made acceptable. That is a world-class example of a hypocritical double standard.

I doubt that you will respond to this email, based on your prior unwillingness to engage with me when I provided responses to questions you asked me, and then you refused to answer some questions that I asked of you.  In my book, that makes you a coward, too.

No doubt, you believe you are doing God’s work when you send clueless emails like the one below — but I’m left to wonder, what god are you serving?

Mike Challman

Another response from detractor

Dear Mike,

See I am not a coward LOL. just kidding! In one of your last emails you pointed out about my narky remarks and yes I apologize for those, there are at times I “flesh out” and not allow my life to be controlled by the Holy Spirit, and yes I probably presumed that all of MRFF would not feel anything about the stoning and death of a little Arab girl for not converting to Islam. I just hoping that for once MRFF would post something like let us pray or think a good thought for all the Christians that are being persecuted right now over in the Middle East, especially we abhor the senseless killing of little children by radical Islamists. I point the finger as well to the evangelical church for they are just as numb about this and wish to put their head in the sand also concerning the persecution of fellow Christians.

What I find very frustrating is when Mikey several years ago, unless he has since retracted his statement, that the only reason Major Hasan murdered in cold blood 9 of his fellow soldiers at Ft Hood was all due to him being evangelized by Christians, instead of it was all due to his religious ideology related to his religion of Islam. Why can’t Mikey just say that Hasan was a radicallized Islamic terrorist evidenced by him crying “Aluh Akbar” while shooting those soldiers. This same attitude is found in President Obama, for he cannot bring himself to point out that we are at war with a religion and ideology called radical Islam, instead calling it “workplace violence” really??

I just do not see how any civil rights violations of so called “Domininist Christians” can be as horrific as the senseless murder of innocent men, women and children who name the name of Christ? I  find it interesting that I have only heard the term Domininist Christian used by MRFF and by no one else. What you term Domininist I called a Disciple. Was not Jesus’ last command to go make disciples of all the nations? Actually in the Greek, it means “in your goings make disciples, and I do not see that there is any limitation put on us by Christ that we can only do that here or there, not in the government or our schools, but anywhere we maybe we are to make disciples. Along with this Jesus also said that we are to be both salt and light in our world. Salt is a preservative and so we are to be a preservative of righteousness in our decadent society and culture today as well as light for our society and culture has become pretty darkened by sin of the last so many years with abortion, homosexual marriage, murder, prayer being taken out of our schools as well as God taken out of our schools!

Now regarding the military, yes I can agree that a senior office should not try to make a disciple of Christ an enlisted men and vice versa, but I see nothing wrong with an officer trying to make a disciple of a fellow officer as well as enlisted men to enlisted men and God could care less about what the rules of the military or the 1st amendment are.  I just heard of a police officer who wanted to have a ministry while he in on the job and I thought this was pretty ingenious, but whenever he had someone in custody in the back of his patrol car, he would hold up his cell phone and play either a sermon or Christian music video for the person in custody to listen to.

I have heard over and over again how MRFF and Mikey is not anti-Christian, but you would have to agree Mike, I would hope but when Mikey and other people associated with MRFF, except for you, use words to describe Christians as “monsters, Christian Taliban, and other hateful things that that is not being anti-Christian or even anti-God? Now I can understand where Mikey and the others are coming from for Jesus did say that “they will hate you because they first hated me” so Mikey’s and the others hatred for Christians is really first hatred for Christ!! So again, I ask, if you are, and I am going to use the term “true Christian”, one who has experienced a real salvation experience and have become born again as Christ said, why would you associate with anyone or group that is anti-God or want to see Christians punished for doing what Christ as commanded us to do, be disciples, salt and light?? As the Word says, “what association does light have with darkness? the answer is simple, nothing. Christians are to flee from all unrighteousness and those things that are anti-God or in conflict with the teachings of Christ and His purpose to bring His kingdom here to earth. Just as a sidelight, even my radio mentor Dr. Michael L Brown, a Messianic Jew also uses the term “true Christian.”

I have put here a link to a recent message I have listened to by Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas speaking at Liberty University on the demise of our nation and please watch and listen to it with your heart, for he communicates precisely what is happening in our country today.


(none withheld)

Further response from MRFF ally and USAF Vet Mike Challman

I’m proud of you, (none withheld).  See what happens when a real conversation starts to happen, instead of an endless stream of blind emails? We can actually start sharing thoughts and opinions… and maybe we can even learn something from one another.  I’m certainly open to learning from you, I hope the reverse is equally true. So if you are agreeable, I’d like to provide some thoughts about what you shared in your last note…

You mention that you wish the “MRFF would post something like let us pray or think a good thought for all the Christians that are being persecuted right now in the Middle East.”

We are a US Constitutional advocacy group, created for a very specific mission – to support the religious rights of all US military members. The fact that a group like the MRFF, focused on such a narrow purpose, doesn’t address events that are outside of its mission does not mean that those events are acceptable to us. In fact, many of us (myself included) are involved with other groups and efforts related to the treatment of Christians in the Middle East.

You also mention that you find “very frustrating” the statements that Mikey made following Major Hasan’s killing spree at Fort Hood a few year ago.  However, your summation of what Mikey said is inaccurate.  Here is an excerpt of something that he wrote at that time —-

“Let me be clear, there is absolutely no excuse for the alleged actions of Nidal Malik Hasan. What he did is reprehensible, and goes against everything the American military stands for. But we must realize that the alleged mistreatment Hasan received in the American military almost certainly played a key role in his disaffection. Reliable reports indicate that fellow soldiers gave him a diaper to wear on his head, mocking Islamic headdresses. His car was keyed by an Iraq veteran because he had an “Allah is Love” bumper sticker, and others suggested he should ride a camel instead.”

To acknowledge that mistreatment of an individual may have played a role in his actions is a far cry from laying all of the blame on “being evangelized by Christians”.  On the contrary, it’s an entirely reasonable observation of a complex situation. You may not agree with it, but that doesn’t invalidate the observation.

The distinction between ‘civil rights violations’ and murder is unnecessary parsing.  For one thing, every murder is by definition a civil rights violation. And all too often, civil rights violations do end with murder, suicide, and so on. So it’s important to keep in mind that a risk to life and limb is an element of too many civil rights violations.  At the same time, a civil rights violation does not have to result in death to be egregious, which is what I understand you to be suggesting. Every civil rights violation involves a degree of hurt or harm to someone. So in my view, it’s important to address and resolve every manner of civil rights violations, so that none results in any sort of harm to anyone.

You also mention that you “have only heard the term Dominionist Christian used by MRFF and by no one else.” With all due respect, you really should expand your horizons a bit.  The terms Dominionism, Dominionist Christianity, and Dominionist Theology have been in common use for at least several decades.  I just did three quick Google searches of the following terms, and got these hits —

Dominionist Christianity – 35,300 results

Dominionism – 144,000 results

Dominionism in the military – 40,800 results

But as the saying goes, fish don’t know they’re in water – so if you don’t see any evidence of Dominionism around you, it could be due to your perspective. Rest assured, though, over 220,000 hits on Google is a pretty good indication that others can see that water.

Lastly, you argue as you’ve done in the past, that I may not be a “true Christian” because of my association with the MRFF. Simply stated, I reject the entire premise of your assertion, because it assumes as fact that the MRFF is “anti-God” or desires to persecute Christians. Neither assertion is true. So despite your biased perception, I am confident that I am not unequally yoked by being an active supporter of the MRFF… which, I must point out, is comprised of people of the highest levels of honor and integrity.



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