ARIZONA DAILY INDEPENDENT – The “Taliban” In Our Midst, A Rebuttal

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The “Taliban” In Our Midst, A Rebuttal

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  1. z

    Nothing more needs to be said. This article is spot on. I salute General Olson, and pray that he continues to remain firm in his faith. To compare even the most fundamentalist Christians in this country to ISIS is simply delusional, and insane. To Weinstein and the MRFF, your self proclaimed “war” on God is a futile effort, as ultimately, He will always prevail. Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that with the attack on the Church today, from every angle. The left is destroying this country, and gaining ground each day. There is absolutely no morality left at the surface anymore. Unfortunately, it isn’t only this country. For organizations like yours and others who share your agenda, the military is only the tip of the iceberg, as your ultimate aim is to remove Christianity and it’s ideals entirely from our nation at every level. You can claim that you have employees that span a multitude of faiths, to give yourselves some credibility, but you’re simply wolves in sheeps clothing. Being that General Olson will not be prosecuted, I would imagine at this point, you don’t have anymore leverage and can’t have him subjugated the way you intended. You’re probably going back to plan B now, like you typically do, raging, driving around in your lotus, puffing up your chest, throwing out empty threats via the internet, and challenging him and those who support him to back alley street fights. Honestly and unfortunately, we wouldn’t expect much more of you. I hope you find some measure of peace one day my man.

  2. Darrell McClanahan

    For a seriously ignorant man, at least you are one of the few who send their screes to MRFF whose grammar is tolerable. Beyond that, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! It’s inexcusable that you haven’t done your homework! MRFF, whose thousands of clients are predominately practicing Christians, are experience religious oppression of various sorts, some subtle, some heavy-handed, but predominately foisted upon them by the “most fundamentalist Christians” who are convinced, as you are, that it is their right and their responsibility to convert all comers to their way of thinking! My own family believe that they commit a sin if they do not try to convert everyone they come across to their literal interpretation of the Bible! Small wonder that years ago I was one of the first to compare that thinking with that of the Taliban with whom we were at war. One brother, his wife and their daughters all consider me to be dead and already in hell because I would not cave in to what they laid upon me. Really Christian of them!

    As for your attack on MRFF, you clearly have not done your homework! The thousands of servicemen who have called upon MRFF for help are predominately practicing Christians who obviously have a better understanding of the US Constitution than you have. Back off, open up that locked vault of a brain and see if you can begin to understand the obvious. What you think you see to this point is truly not reality!

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