CROOKS AND LIARS – Fox News ‘Christians’ Furious Over Secular Laws Of The USAF

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Fox News ‘Christians’ Furious Over Secular Laws Of The USAF

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  1. Charles Hyneman

    Why don’t you take a survey to see if any soldier, sailor or marine supports your suppression of their rights to express their love of Jesus Christ? You are motivated, inspired by and controlled by evil. Not too late to repent, Mikey.

  2. Connie

    Interesting you say the MRFF is evil. If I remember my studies in Christianity, it was Lucifer who used lies and distortion to make his point, not Jesus. Isn’t it amazing that Christians own book gives a clue as how to identify wrong-doers in our midst…

    By their actions (and writings) shall you know them.

    I stand, a devout pagan, with MRFF and everyone else who defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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