Jew coward

leave Gen Olsun alone you treasonous little jew coward of ZOG. The Gen. loves Jesus and is loving bringing that to the World as the Bible tell us too.
Did some checking up on you mickey and you slime children at the air force academy. Weak cry baby all.
not surprised to find the Truth. that you all tortured good Christians there. Now you cry when We of Christ fight back?
haHa payback is bitch especially for jew cry babys like you little jew boy. Who thinks he’s a real man.
and your wife deserves to be so cripple
And We of The Lord pray you have brain hemorrage where your eyes pop out.
and your shitjew blood streams out of ears.

(name withheld)


Dear (name withheld),
It is good to see communications such as you have just sent to Mr. Weinstein.  They help immeasurably to illustrate true religious bigotry and  total disregard for honesty.

Your communication demonstrates why good,  thinking people must be alert to the trap of religious hegemony and what dangers lurk therein.

Rick Baker
Capt.USAF (MedRet)

MRFF Volunteer


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