Mikey We Hope You Die

And that all your organs go into the bodies of American airmen who have been saved by our Lord Jesus Christ.
Your earthly form will then all be of Christ.
Your immortal sin-soaked soul will then be on fire with lucifer in hell forever.
And everyone will be happy.
Halleluyah! Stop attacking the faithful followers of The Only Son of Your God. Fall to your knees and beg the forgiveness MGEN Olson.

-with hatred and pity for weinstein the evil persecutor of Jesus The Christ;
Air Force Academy Graduates Who Live and Walk The Word of Christ

(name withheld)

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1 Comment

  1. Dave Gentile

    Hmmm, not your average Godbot.
    Blistering hate? Check.
    Bad spelling and grammar? None, other than the missing “of”.

    Come back after you’ve descended a few levels. Tolerance doesn’t seem to be in your future.

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