Re: Air Force General Defies Law By Witnessing for Jesus on Worldwide TV

If Obama, as Commander in Chief of the US military gave a **** about separation of church and state, he could silence these crazed Bible thumpers in a New York minute.  Why isn’t he lowering the boom?  He’s not re-electable, and Democrats in the last election were fleeing from him.   Is “evangelical Christian enabler” the legacy he wants to leave?


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  1. This ‘group’ needs to change your name to ‘Military Religious Restriction Foundation’. At least then you won’t look like hypocrites. God have mercy on you.

  2. Cooper

    The reason his “crime” seems “unforgiveable” to you is that you have lost the notion of forgiveness, which is central to the Christian faith. Imagine the evolution of mankind without the concept of forgiveness. We would not last long as we would all be killing each other for absurd and trivial transgressions such as the ones you posit for army general Craig Olson.

    May God, or at least we humans, forgive you.

  3. Douglas McLaws

    Maj. General Craig Olsen should be applauded for this statements and more importantly for his faith. This is the kind of leader we need to stand up for our country. We ARE a Christian nation and it is the minority who believe otherwise. If it were not so then those who hate Christianity would not be so hell bend on destroying us. God Bless America!!!!

  4. Nanc

    You should provide assistance in support of religious expression. You should encourage people to speak up about what’s on their heart. Are you afraid of Christians that you have to censor God given rights of free speech? Who died and made you king? Again, you should support those who come forward and produce evidence of their hope.

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