FEATURED INBOX POST – Mandatory Sunday Chapel at AFB

To Mikey Weinstein and the people at the MRFF

We would like to thank you all for helping us here at (name withheld) AFB when our commander (name, rank and unit withheld) violated our rights. Recently at an all hands call told us all that he wanted and “expected to see us at Sunday chapel as often as possible”. He said that “spiritual fitness” was important to him and (higher unit commander’s name and rank withheld). To the Air Force too.

We were very upset at this actual order. At least how we all saw it by (commander’s name and rank withheld). When we tried to talk to (senior NCO’s name and rank withheld) who is our NCOIC for (unit name withheld) he got pissed at us. He told us he agreed with the commander. Nowhere to turn but to call the MRFF.

Mikey Weinstein helped us that same day. He called the MRFF person at (name withheld) AFB. Mikey Weinstein then called to speak to (higher unit commander’s name and rank withheld).

Soon afterwards (senior USAF NCO’s name and rank withheld) who is our (USAF leadership title withheld) held a meeting with our unit and told us all that (commander’s name and rank withheld) “made a mistake about his Sunday chapel remarks” and that noone has to go. He said that “spiritual fitness’ is still a big deal in the Air Force but that we can show that to our chain of command in other ways. Other than going to Sunday chapel services

We are happy that our commander changed his tune thanks to the MRFF but we are not happy about still having to show we are “spiritually fit” airmen.

Thanks for all you do to help us Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF.


(eleven junior enlisted USAF airmen; all names, ranks and AFSCs withheld)


Please send to this Air Force Commander. (Anyone else for that matter. )Yes we Sioux know all about Mandatory Christian Church Service. After killing the Cavalry 8 to 1 due mainly to our leadership and the Winchester bought by Black Hills Gold to the Traders, we signed a Peace Treaty of 1868. (This treaty ‘guaranteed’ our freedom to live and believe our own way of acknowledging our own concept of Wakan Tanka- the Great Mystery) .U S Army burned 3 of their Fort Down before Chief Red Cloud would sign. The Cavalry is not to blame in this picture showing our Spiritual bundles being burned while the former warriors and their families. The bad, disrespecting, religion opiated person is the one holding the cross. They lobbied Congress to Ban our Nature Based Way of acknowledging Creator. Our children were then forced into those horrid boarding schools which were rife with, Jesus, Jesus  education and poorly on needed academics. Pedophilia and child rape as well. The same conditions happened in Canada as. Few youth ventured on to college. Thanks to Martin L King Congress voted 100% to remove the Ban. Freedom of Religion Act – 1973. Now, most of my tribe is returning to our old way of beseeching to Creator. Our ceremonies acknowledging Benevolent Creator, especially our Summer Sun Dances- now over 60 per summer now flourish for us. You Christians need to understand, respect and realize what true Democracy IS!
(name withheld)


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  1. Emma

    My old dad used to call me his “little heathen.”
    These AF thugs make me glad I’m still one.
    At least I don’t force my personal choices on others who depend on me for their livelihood
    The AF common structure is obviously in the grip of the rightwing crazy political fringe that is trying to turn this country into a theocracy.
    Keep on keeping on Mikey. Another fire put out, but watch your back…….there’s another coming anytime now…….

  2. Emma

    ..command structure….
    ….dad-blasted autocorrect!

  3. Yeshua Warrior

    Sounds like Chief Rain on your Parade above has not gotten over how the “white man” stole his land, hmm, sounds familiar, the Palestinians are using that same theory regarding Israel today. May I point out that Jesus is his Creator, not his Indian “Creator” which is only Satan disguising himself to his people and Native Americans today.

  4. Ilene

    Fake “Yeshua Warrior”

    You should be ashamed of yourself. I am ashamed to think we share the same planet. Please go back to your book and reread – you may actually learn how mistaken you are.

    You demand that we respect your faith, but you show no respect at all for anyone else. Respect is earned, not demanded.

    Shame on you.

  5. Gunther

    So much for the NCOs being the backbone of the military. Your NCOIC certainly had no moral backbone to tell his commanding officer that what he was doing was totally wrong. Amazing how we criticizes Muslims for their so called religious dogma but we Americans did not learn from our own European inquisition and persecution plus our own religious persecution in Colonial America.

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