Anti Christian Hate Group

You are not about religious freedom. You are an anti Christian hate group.

(name withheld)


Dear (name withheld) –


I am writing in response to your September 27, 2015 email to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (“MRFF”).  You are clearly misinformed regarding our mission and work.  I would like to take this opportunity to clear up your confusion.


MRFF is dedicated to protecting the religious freedom of all soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, midshipmen, cadets, and veterans.  One of the ways we protect this right is by ensuring that our clients’ superiors adhere to the requirements of the Establishment Clause, as well as with military regulations.  While these superiors have the right to freely practice the religion of their choice, they are not permitted to force their beliefs upon those under their command.


We are not, as you claim, an “anti-Christian hate group” – although, that is a very popular lie among certain media outlets.  To the contrary, over 96% of MRFF clients are Christians suffering from religious discrimination and persecution.  Although our work primarily involves the wrongful proselytizing by fundamentalist Christians, I assure you that MRFF would take equally swift action upon receiving a complaint of being pressured to participate in religious activities of any faith.


I hope you now have a better understanding of our goals at MRFF.  If you have any questions, I would be happy to address them.


Blessed be,


Tobanna Barker

MRFF Legal Affairs Coordinator


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  1. Mark Sebree

    (name withheld),

    Interesting. Not a single word of your email was accurate. If you believe what you claim is true, then answer some questions:

    1. If the MRFF is “anti-Christian” as you claim, then why are about 95% of their clients Christians? Wouldn’t such a high percentage of Christian clients indicate that they are supportive of Christians?

    2. If they are a “hate group” as you claim, then where are the massive quantity lies and vile ad-hominems about people and groups which are so often spewed from actual hate groups and hateful people? Sending requests to military bases to stop religious proselytizing at the request of residents of that base is hardly hateful.

    3. If the MRFF isn’t about religious freedom, then why is religious freedom in the military their main goal? They work to ensure that ALL service members and their families can worship as they please without interference from superiors, and without pressure (resistance to which can tank a career) from superiors to follow religious beliefs that are not their own. Some people, after all, feel that it us part of their beliefs to force the conversion of as many people as possible to their beliefs, and to punish anyone who resists.

    These overly religious people wish to deny religious freedom to their subordinates, and because of the structure of the military and the power that these superiors have over their subordinates, the subordinates are afraid (often rightly) that they will be severely punished if they “blow the whistle” on their superiors using the regular chain of command. The MRFF provides a means to call their superiors onto the carpet, so to speak, for their actions, and hopefully rectify the oppression of the subordinates’ religious freedom.

  2. Yeshua Warrior

    Mikey’s own mouth confirms that the group is anti-Christian or at least he is. Scripture says that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” and what is in Mikey’s heart is a hatred for Christians, which I believe it owes it to his lack of forgiveness and bitterness out of whatever anti-Semitic treatment he received while at the Air Force Academy.

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