Leave it to a jew lawyer

First you jews crucify our Savior and now you try to crusify the US Marines Corps?

Is there ever enough blood on your jew hands to make you jewish happy?

Hey Mickey we pray to the Lord for a brain aneurysm visits you soon.

Best in your sleep for your jew wife to find in morning.

Soaked sheets of your jew blood to pay for your sins against the Marines and Jesus.

(name withheld)

Hi Mikey,

(1) Sorry that you and your family have to continue to put up with this shit — once again, never forget that I have your back side should you need it.

(2) Don’t forget that I live on 102nd Street in a town called Lenexa, Kanas.  One street over (103rd) is Overland Park and you know well that we have experienced first-hand the deadly consequences that this man’s mindset can produce.

(3) Did you notice the asshole’s URL address (e mail address withheld))?  I guess there is little doubt about his genocidal fantasies.

(4) Although I do not experience what you have to put up with, my personal ethnic makeup led me to create a pejorative for myself.  With my Irish Catholic* and Cherokee Indian DNA/cultural background, I call myself a “McInjun.”  That often disarms a lot of bigots I encounter as they can’t figure out how to proceed.  (*I rejected most Catholic beliefs around 12 or 13 years of age — now I am a religious vagabond taking from all what I like and discarding the rest.)

(5) Remember I love you, big guy, but in so doing, I reserve the right to annoy you from time-to-time with my pestering emails.

“Keep the faith, brother!”


(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

It’s not necessary to announce your age; I was easily able to figure it out from reading your message. I will admit, though, that I’d have bet you were younger, as I expect 14-year-olds to know how to spell and construct a proper sentence.

I do worry, I must say, at the kind of adults you’ve been listening to in order to come up with such a moronic attack on someone you don’t know. I suspect the kind of vile nonsense you’ve chosen to spew here is a result of your having been terribly abused. It makes me very sad to think of a child your age being so mistreated, but it’s apparent there is no responsible adult around to defend you.

Though it might be hard for you to do, I encourage you to talk to a teacher at school about the awful treatment you’re receiving. Failing that, please call the police and get help. There’s no excuse for someone to victimize a child, and there’s no way to understand a child sending a message like this unless he has been so deeply violated that he has lost his ability to think clearly.

I’m worrying about you, Hank, and I’m pulling for you to get out of the mess you’re in, get yourself into a healthy, nurturing situation and come back to your senses. There’s still time.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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1 Comment

  1. harri

    so is the cursing Jew hating commentator also cursing Jesus who was a JEW???? just wondering how far his venom, hatred and cursing goes.

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