I am disgusted that you have nothing better to do than go around trying to remove God from everything. Our founding fathers are so disappointed by the way people like you and your group are turning our country into a disgrace. I bet most people in your group never even joined the military. Fight drugs, or pedophiles or people knocking out people for no apparent reason. Fighting a positive statement like God Bless the military is a waste of time and a joke . I bet you take off for Christmas.  Find a real cause to fight. Not a slogan that builds morale for men and women who need something to believe in while defending us from evils we have no clue are out there.

I’m not even religious but I’m disgusted by your ridiculous cause. When you meet your maker, be sure to be humble.

(name withheld)


Hi (name withheld),

You might want to know a bit more before sounding off in disgust about something you clearly don’t understand. No one here is “trying to remove God from everything” and if you knew our work you’d know that. It’s funny, actually, that you make reference to the founding fathers, as you clearly don’t understand what they did either. However, since you imply that you’re in touch with them you might ask about the separation of church and state, which they were careful to establish.

You lose your bet. If you knew us you’d know that most of those associated with the MRFF are either veterans or active military. And you’d probably be surprised to learn that over 95% of them are Christians.
See, there’s a lot one can learn by looking into things instead of just shooting one’s mouth off.
The separation of church and state is a long-held and deeply important tenet of our country since its founding, but some insist they want to push their belief system on everyone anyway. We don’t let them get away with it.
If you had actually looked into the details associated with this ’cause’ you’ve chosen to launch yourself into, you’d have found that the MRFF’s demand was that the sign bearing the message from God be moved onto the chapel grounds where it belongs. Had it been placed there initially there would be no complaint from the Marines who contacted us. As it is, however, it promotes a religious view on behalf of the entire military establishment, and that is contrary to law.

I hope that helps you better understand, and I hope it helps you consider checking into things a bit more deeply before expressing your opinion about something. It’s a good way to avoid embarrassment.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


Bullshit.  I fought for this country. I’ve seen more people who didn’t have any faith find some sought of faith while roadside bombs went off 20 ft from our humvee. God is who they called out for. God is mentioned throughout our history. Saying God Bless the U.S. or Marines should not be something to fight. Fight battles that matter. Because a handful of people say they are offended, you go and want to change something that the majority want. You and your organization is a joke and are slowly killing this country. Like I said, I’m not even religious but I went along with our countries traditions. Keep up the good work on ruining this great country. Keep voting democrat. I’m sure you’ll get what you want once ISIS overtakes this nation in which you have made weak. Good job sir.

(name withheld)


Dear (name withheld),
Well, thanks. Now I know you’re not just mistaken, you’re intentionally wrong.

A lot of people fought for this country and a lot of them were wounded and died for it. And nobody told them they had to believe in God or be a Christian or be right-handed or have blue eyes in order to put on the uniform and do it. Some of the people who fought beside you or around you were Jews, some were non-believers, some were Buddhists and some had beliefs you know nothing about. So your high horse is not particularly attractive.

We’re fighting a battle that matters, thanks. It’s called the Constitution of the United States of America, and it protects all the people from having a particular belief shoved down their throats by people like you who think it’s fine because, you suggest, it’s the majority view. The tyranny of the majority is exactly what the Constitution set out to protect our citizens against.

But you give yourself away with your puny rant about Democrats and ruining the country. You claim to have just gone along “with our country’s traditions” while you pick and choose which tradition to honor and slur anyone who you decide doesn’t think the right way. That’s an American tradition too, it’s called the Know Nothing Party.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)



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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    First of all, I agree with the name withheld person. Secondly, Mr. Farrell, you will never find the words “separation of church and state” at all throughout the Constitution, and it is never implied at all either.

    The usual MRFF talking points, which it seems everyone involved with MRFF has committed to memory, such as 95% of those associated with MRFF are Christians, well that is a fallacy, since according to most polls, only about some 70-80% of the population say they are Christians. Now here is the question, what kind of Christian are they? Some say they are Christians because they go to church, some say they are Christians because they are neither Jewish or Muslim, but if you were to ask them if they are truly born again, received Christ as their personal Savior, I think your percentage will drop drastically.

  2. Connie

    Yeshua Warrior,

    Right on schedule with your Right Wing talking points. I’m not sure why I bother… perhaps I hope one day your eyes will be opened to all the misinformation you’ve accepted into your brain. Let go of the crap, man, just let go!

    To start, there is no mention of God or Jesus in our Constitution. The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights talks about government not establishing a national religion. Yes, the actual words wall of separation do not appear in the Bill of Rights. However they do appear in supporting documents written by Thomas Jefferson – the man who did most of the writing. Apparently you were absent from that day in school.

    YW, your side is losing this battle – and it isn’t even with Satan. It’s with your own lack of awareness, your inability to see worth in a person who doesn’t agree with you, and the absolute hypocrisy which oozes out of Right Wing Evangelical leaders.

    Do some research outside of your misinformation bubble. In another thread you denied climate change as a leftwing plot. Really? So where has all the ice gone YW? Why are the polar bears starving? Why are the penguins dying out? Why is the freaking permafrost thawing and now on fire? These are real YW and much more worthy of your prayers than beating the drum of God is being removed from public spaces.

    God is indeed being removed – from Governmental spaces that have no business promoting anyone’s religion – mine included. If you really want to see your God in public, build a church.

  3. Connie

    The letter writer said: “I bet most people in your group never even joined the military.”

    Really? Guess reading comprehension wasn’t their strong suit. Wow. The ignorance is strong with them!

    The letter writer said: “Find a real cause to fight. Not a slogan that builds morale for men and women who need something to believe in while defending us from evils we have no clue are out there.”

    Every time someone says to me God Bless (insert whatever needs blessing here) I always wonder whose god. Oh, I know – the Christian one but let’s be accurate here – I’ve not found many denominations that agree with each other as how to define God, religion, or the Bible. As for defending us from evils we have not clue… Yeah, I’m pretty sure we know all about the evils humans do to each other. The USA is guilty of more than a few of those kinds of acts (I’m looking at you Chivington).

    The letter writer said: I’m not even religious but I’m disgusted by your ridiculous cause. When you meet your maker, be sure to be humble.

    For someone who is not “religious” they sure have a lot of dogma to throw. Or crap. It’s hard to tell with dogs. 😀 As for my maker? I meet with her every week for coffee. She’s called a mom.

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