Missed a few jews?

Seems Hitler flubbed eliminating your family seed when he had the chance mickey?
Win some lose some.
See ya around.

(name withheld)

Dear (withheld)

I am writing in response to your September 2, 2015 email to Mikey Weinstein, which includes as the subject, “Missed a few jews?”  As an initial matter, I must point out that his name is Mikey – not “Mickey.”  While I find it interesting that you can apparently have so much contempt for a man without bothering to even learn his name, it also says a lot about your character (or, rather, lack of character).  

To answer your vile question – Yes, Hitler did fail in his attempt to brutally murder the entire Jewish population of Europe (though not for lack of trying).  I am not familiar with Mikey’s personal ancestry, so I cannot say whether he has any direct family link to that atrocity.  I also doubt you have any personal knowledge of his lineage since you can’t even get his name right.  Regardless, I am only one of thousands of people who are extremely thankful for Mikey and his tireless efforts to protect the constitutionally protected religious freedom of our brave men and women in uniform.

It is truly an honor to be part of Mikey’s team that is the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  Yet, I am forced to read the ignorant and hateful words of such despicable people as you.  “Win some, lose some,” I suppose.  However, I have the benefit of being on the winning side – every moronic, contemptible letter we receive only empowers us and assures us that our mission is true.  I assure you – you don’t want to see me around.

Blessed be,

Tobanna Barker

MRFF Legal Affairs Coordinator

Hey  (name withheld),

You know, reading stuff like this, stuff this openly racist, antisemitic and sadistic, brings a few thoughts to mind.

The first one is, I’ll bet you’re short. Very short. It’s mostly the very short guys, in my experience, who are so doubtful about their own manhood that they have to lash out at people who are smarter and more successful than they are. It’s kind of pathetic, don’t you think? Does this kind of inane jabbering make you feel like a big man? It doesn’t work, you know. Look in the mirror. You’re still small. Very small. In every way.

The second thought is, I thought the Nuremberg Trials taught you guys a lesson. But maybe it went over your head.

Let me know when you’re in the neighborhood.
Mike Farrell
MRFF Advisory Board

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  1. stan levin

    Mr. Farrell …
    This is my first comment as a proud supporter of your cause. I am compelled to take issue with your last remarks …. I am short and getting shorter with the ravages of age … but I am not small. In future try not to confuse the two, thank you, and I in turn will endeavor to write you only positive letters. Hello to Mikey.
    Stan Levin
    Veterans for Peace

  2. Brian Gregory

    Just a quick question about the vile emails you receive. If the writer is “brave” enough to write about his/her thoughts and opinions concerning MRFF, why do you withhold their names when publishing their emails? I put it out for all to read, pimples and all. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mark Sebree

    To Brian Gregory:

    I think I can answer your question. One of the truisms that exist is that whenever you get a sufficiently large group of people, there were be some extremists and potential or actual criminals included. The religious right, which includes the Dominionists that Mikey fights against, is known for publishing the names and addresses or other contact information of people who fight against their theocratic agenda. This is to encourage harassment of those opponents in order to silence them. Death threats, ostracizing, bullying, picketing homes, schools, and businesses are extremely common. And it is because of these actions that in many civil rights cases of these types, the courts allow the plaintiffs to remain anonymous at their own request.

    Such people do exist who support civil rights causes as well. Kim Davis, the Rowan County, KY County Clerk that has been in the news recently, has said that she has received death threats because of her stance against same sex marriage, and her actions to use her government position to deny them the right to marry.

    By keeping the names and emails of the people who send the MRFF letters a secret, he helps prevent discrimination, bully, and other negative consequences against the people who both support and oppose him. If the letter writers cannot be traced, they can feel safer about writing to him.

    Additionally, many of the people who write to him are in the military, veterans of the military, or otherwise attached to the military. As such, they or those close to them can suffer consequences from their superiors for writing to the MRFF.

    By keeping the letter writers’ identities confidential, he is effectively taking the high ground relative to those that he opposes. They can write to him freely, and except for death threats which are turned over to law enforcement, without fear of consequence. This in turn allows us to see just how irrational and intolerant they really are, or see the complements and support that really exists.

  4. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear Mark Sebree,

    I have been a born again Christian for more than 40 years now, and I have never heard of any religious right person or so called Dominionist publish any names, addresses or contact information of those who oppose their alleged “theocratic agenda.” Mark I am calling you out as a liar so you need to present some very hard evidence to support your claim on that.

  5. Connie


    Cakes by Melissa doxed (released name, email, and address) of the couple who sued them for discrimination.

    There is an example. You owe Mark an apology for calling him a liar.

  6. Mark Sebree


    You should really do some of your own research, or pay attention to the news. Connie was correct. The owners of Cakes By Melissa did post the names, address, and phone number of the couple that complained against them. They repeatedly mentioned the fact that this information was posted in interviews with the far right. The intent was to terrorize and intimidate the ones that called them out on their discrimination in their business practices. The plaintiffs were subjected to a myriad of intimidation tactics by the bakers’ allies. And it is this reason why they were fined $135K. They brought that fine on themselves by their actions.

    However, they are hardly unique in their tactics. Look up the Nuremberg Files. They were an anti-abortion website which posted the personal data about the OB/GYN and FP who worked at women’s clinics which provided abortions in the form of wanted posters in order to encourage terrorizing them into ending their practices. Murdered physicians were “X”ed out, to further intimidate them.

    Then there were the protests outside the SCHOOLS of the children of doctors in order to intimidate the children of the school and their parents to increase pressure on those doctors.

    Seminars for anti-choices “protesters” tell them to write down the license plates of the doctors who work at women’s clinics where they are protesting to the doctors can be tracked.

    All this was pretty easily available on-line, as well as other intimidation tactics used frequently by the far right to get their way. And you should know by now that I do not lie. I research, listen, and remember. And if you had paid attention to the news over the years, you too would have heard of many such instances of intimidation and attempted intimidation. But then, that would also mean thinking for yourself.

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