FEATURED INBOX POST – snap Crackle and pop (with response)


Hey Kikey jew Mikey. Yo! You are a dirty filthy faggot leftist athiest communnist lying clever Christ-killing raghead-loving socialist tool of-Satan kike scumbag.
Drained the blood out of any Christian children lately for your matzah snacks?
We pray the Lord for the ruin of your diseased children and wife. And all who are at the MFFR and all who give you santuary.
You are jew enemy Number 1.
You think Obummer can save you from the White house? Niether you or him have favor with Christ Jesus. Our savior know you both not. (Matthew 7:23)
And you deserve no mercy from Jesus for how you attack our soldiers.
Even the girl negro fighter pilot. And all those spirit-filled chaplins who you turn you evildoer jew hate upon, For your jew $$. and you jew ego. Stiff necked jew! (proverbs 29:1). Be destroyed!
You are what worse than Isis and al quayda and tailban. Jesus is done with you now. Praise The Lord!
The Son will have you burn in hell eternal. But first He will have you watch as your wife and children burn before you. You and all darkness are helpless before Jesus.
There skin will snap crackle and pop under hells clensing flame of righteous and grace and veangence.
you will hear it you will see it you will smell it before you to are sent there mikey. Heat wave coming for you! How will your family smell on fire?
Oh hallelujah! you will howl in sorrow for youre burning kin and clan.
Snap crackle and pop. snap crackle and pop.
Just like that matzahs you eat jewboy.

(name withheld)

Hi Mikey.

Yet another sterling example of an “advertisement” for KKKristianity! 

When I read these, I’m SO glad I’m not a Xtian.  Who in their right mind would want to be one of these obviously insane, illiterate, hate-filled, homicidal, rabid, anti-semitic, psychopathic and moronic gibbering idiots! This putz is clearly foaming at the mouth. 

It never fails to amaze me how these sub-human schlub’s apparently cannot see how sickening and disgusting they are to the rest of the world, and what a LOUSY ad for Xtianity they are. (Thank goodness we both know Xtians who are not of this ilk, otherwise we would think they were all this way.)

It also always amazes me that they cannot see that they are the mirror image of the equally insane and murderous Muslim radicals they claim to hate – when it is obvious to any intelligent observer that they are as deranged as any IS jihadist. In fact, they are the Xtian version of the jihadists – Xtian Taliban as they have been so truly and correctly called. 

Well, at least it gives Bonny some ammo for a second edition!


F.J. Taylor

Hey Stupid,

Bonnie wrote a book about you. If you have the guts to give me a correct address I’ll be happy

to send you a copy. If you don’t, and I suspect you won’t, you are as gutless and stupid as this

puerile scribble of yours promises.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Oy vey. I wish they would learn the proper spelling of the word “atheist.”  If you can spell “scumbag” correctly, why can’t you spell “atheist?”

Sometimes I wonder what is whirling around in the heads of these creeps when they aren’t writing hate letters. I mean, it must be a burden to carry around all this hate inside all the time. I can’t help thinking that this is the kind of person who one day picks up a rifle and shoots 26 kindergarten children thinking he is sending them to Jesus.

(name withheld)

The spelling in this hate letter is so bad, it  should come with a glossary.  Here’s one that might help your readers:

Obummer =  When President Obama trips going to the podium

Tailban  =     Banning girls from the bar on the military base

Al quayda =  Al’s Dada-ist bar on the Quay in Paris

clensing   =   What Uncle Clen did when the cops caught him

chaplins  =   Military pastors who think they are funny

santuary =   An estuary that has been sanitized

raghead-loving – Melania Trump when Donald comes home after a windy day of speeches

(name withheld)

Dear “info” –


I am writing in response to your September 8, 2015 email to Mikey Weinstein.  First, let me say that it is truly inspiring that someone as clearly ignorant as you has learned to use a computer.  We at MRFF receive a number of uninformed, profane, and poorly written emails, but yours really deserves some sort of “Moron of the Year” award.  Sixth-graders have forged notes to get out of gym class that are more intelligent than your email – at least these notes are based in reality and they sign a real name, even if it’s not their own.


Not only are you incapable of forming a complete sentence and clueless regarding the true mission of MRFF (which represents thousands of Christian soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, cadets, and veterans, as well as service members of other faiths or no faith at all), you plainly do not understand the principles of your own professed Christian faith.  Last I checked, Jesus never felt pleasure at the thought of people burning alive – you’re thinking of psychopaths, not Jesus or true Christians.


On that note, in light of the unadulterated glee you seem to receive by threatening such vile acts against Mikey, his family, and the rest of us at MRFF, I sincerely suggest that you make an appointment with a therapist as soon as possible.  I trust there is a doctor somewhere who will delight in treating the merry-go-round of crazy and stupidity you have to offer.


Consequently, I trust that the only thing going “snap, crackle, pop” is your tiny brain as you attempt to understand the multi-syllable words I have written.  Good luck with that.  Do you smell smoke?


Blessed be,


Tobanna Barker

MRFF Legal Affairs Coordinator

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  1. There is almost a corollary to Godwin. At some point in every Internet disagreement I will be called a Kike, a fag or both.

  2. Jim

    Every free email service and even the web browsers themselves now provide automatic spell checking and flag and even correct spelling errors. So what produced this email with “veangence” and “athiest” and “chaplins” and the rest? You folks at MRFF really need to insist on a higher quality of hate mail on behalf of your reading public. Shoddy specimens like this one are beyond the pale. If loony haters won’t take pride in their work, who will?

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