The following email is from a detractor sent to Mikey Weinstein. In red is the detractors message and in green is the MRFF Stalwart’s response.

The MFRR is Public Enemy Number One for America taking innocent little kids Xmas toys away from them. 

Those little kids should have the right to believe as their parents want them to.
Those boxes are not gifts, but pieces of silver being used to buy their families belief system from them.

How dare the MFRR attack our Air force for helping kids celebrate the birthday of our Lord and Savior.

It might be your lord & savior, but it may not be the believes of the child’s  family.  Any military personal may postalize on their own time when they are out of uniform, but it is against the Constitution for them to infer to others that this might be an act of the Government endorsing a particular faith.  

America is a Christian nation which is why Xmas is a legal holiday you stupid fool.

America is not a christian nation.  We are not majority rules, but we protect the minorities and everyone’s right to their own believes, wether they be a: woman, gay, brown, witch, or bigot like you.

And the Air Force guards this nation as Jesus does.

He is not doing a very good job of this.

And you Mickey Weinstein is the worst person in our country. As my husband said when we talked about the MFRR at Weds Nite Church Assembly last night you can always leave it to a jew to try to take Xmas away from those who walk with Jesus. Our prayers will take that chip off your jew shoulder Mister.

Please don’t say bad things about a Jew as Jesus (a Jew) would be offended.

We all pray that everything you hold precious and dear is taken from you Mickey. We pray that your wife suffer. Let your kids suffer as you all at the MFRR make the Christian kids suffer without their Xmas gifts.

I don’t believe that your jesus would condone such foul thoughts and might think that as your are so bigoted you should not be allowed to be with him in heaven.

and as our pastor said if this was about gifts to jew or arab kids the MFRR would have never done this crime.

A Jew or Arab would give gifts to children as an act of love and not a bribe to convert.

We hate you so much Mickey. Like we hate the MFRR you birth. May our prayers punish you and your loved ones until the Lord sends you to the lake of fire.

Your pastor is an uneducated person who should study American history and the Constitution. He should get his GED.

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  1. Alamaine
  2. G

    Where was the USAF protecting the nation on 9/11 when those two jets hit the Twin Towers? According to FAA regulations, when an airplane vectors off course for no reason and they are unable to contact the pilot, the military is suppose to scramble fighter jets to find out what is going on and if necessary shoot the planes down.

    Jesus has not protected the nation from the Great Crash of 1929 and the Great Recession of 2008 and the various economic and political scandals for the last 35 years.

  3. Connie

    Alamaine – I looked at the link you provided. Nice gloss job of history. Of course there is a glimmer of truth but it’s been obscured by the revisions – all the many ways the article sort of got it right but missed the truth by a country mile. But it’s your right to believe such stuff.

    That brings me to my question – how does an article about the TWUE meaning of Christmas pertain to someone in the military using their position and official email to promote their own religion?


    I commented before – I wouldn’t want to be in this MFRR organization. All these letter writers seem to believe their imprecatory prayers will cause the demise of their focus. So if their focus is off… where are those thoughts going?

    If I remember my teachings correctly Jesus (a person of the Hebrew faith and Jewish by birth) would be horrified at the hate so casually spilled about. I’m sure there was a parable or something about a lecture series on a hill?

    It’ll come to me…

    PS – hope I got the Hebrew/Jewish language correct. I know how casual misspeaking can cause more harm than good.

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