Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe Hawaii

Listen up Weinstein, 
Your legal activist representation of the tiny minority who hate God is undermining the morale of a military that has kept this country free since its inception.  Your Pecksniffian activities are violating the rights of the majority of our service members who will and do risk their lives for the rights granted us by a “Creator” in our founding document. However, that passive sign in Hawaii that so affronts you crazy few is secular in its mission to wish good fortune to those in service or associated with those in service. “God bless” is used as a traditional and conventional phrase that simply connotes wishing others well. It has weight and meaning because of its tradition and long use. Wishing others well is a nice thing to do. It is civil. That passive sign serves a public good. Your activism on the other hand, is not nice nor civil to the vast majority those who serve or those who are associated with those who serve. Instead, your motivations are evil, hateful, crazy or cruel. 
Reality check. If you have a problem with the words “God bless”, logic would assume that you have a problem with the word “wish” that I just used to explain the secular meaning of the sign. If displayed on public property the word “wish” could be interpreted as a belief in some sort of magical supernatural. Magic or spell casting is most often used in context with some kind of religious belief or activity. Consequently, if you do not have a problem with the word “wish”, your hypocrisy and bias is showing. A hypocrisy and bias, by the way, that can only be obfuscated in the insane and twisted environs that US jurisprudence has become, courtesy of the mentally disturbed or delusional, like you and your kind.  
You people need to stop picking mythical fly shit out of the pepper to use as evidence to gore other people’s harmless pet oxen that have nothing to do with you. I have no hope that it will happen because I think your motivations are evil based on hateful, crazy or cruel delusions. But I will still wish you well and hope you get a real job someday, become productive, and add something positive to America instead of trying to tear the civil institutions of my country down. 

(name withheld)
Former Marine


Dear (name withheld)

….you seem just a tad overwrought, (name withheld)!…….calm down, bro, it’s just the Constitution we’re defending on behalf of 72 U.S. Marines who have asked for our help out there at MCB Hawaii….you see, sport, it’s NOT just “your country”!!……it belongs to us ALL….and as Sandra Day O’Connor opined from the SCOTUS bench, “In America, we don’t count heads before enforcing the First Amendment” (McCreary County vs. ACLU, 2005)……thus, “tiny minorities’ have JUST as much right to be equally protected under our beautiful Consittution as the “majority”….in fact, (withheld), the entire Bill of Rights was NOT passed for convenience of the majority but to protect the MINORITY from the expected tyranny of the MAJORITY, bro…..ergo, we are not evil, hateful, crazy or cruel as you have so described us……not at all….we are merely American citizens doing our patriotic duty….as the Great Howard Zinn once said, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”…’re a bit too ad hominem, eh?… don’t need to like me or my team at MRFF…but you WILL obey the Constitution…….so long, Mikey Weinstein…


Hi (name withheld),

It’s not a “tiny minority” of Americans who understand that ours is a secular nation and believes the constitutional requirement of the separation of church and state is an important safeguard thereof.

No one here is undermining the morale of the military; in fact it is the members of the military on the base in question that has requested the help of the MRFF. Had you looked into the issue a bit more thoroughly instead of choosing to shoot your mouth off on spec you might have better understood the situation and managed a more thoughtful reaction to it.

As it is you get to exercise your apparently lively imagination about what you deduce to be the true nature and intention of the MRFF and indulge in a spate of judging and rather immature name-calling.

Since when does upholding the constitution violate the rights of the majority? And, by the way, isn’t the point of the Bill of Rights to protect the individual from the tyranny of the majority if said majority chooses to trample the rights of the few?

Had the sign’s message been secular in intention, as you suggest, it would have been both wiser and less provocative to simply wish everyone well, wouldn’t you think? But according to the Marines who came to us it is yet another manifestation of the fundamentalist Christian proselytizing that goes on on this base all the time.

I don’t know if such a development bothers you, but since you’ve chosen to weigh in on behalf of the innocent well-wishers, as you would have it, one might assume you’re just fine with it. That would be disappointing.

The one thing you’ve managed to be right about in this pitiful harangue is that we will continue to do our work in defending the freedom of religious choice of the women and men in the military. But thanks, it’s always good for us to know you’re out there ready to wield the cudgel on behalf of the pretense that God doesn’t really mean God, it’s shorthand for ‘have a nice day’.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear Mikey,

    I will never obey the constitution when it conflicts with the Word of God! God before country I always say!!

    And let me ask Mikey, there were 72 Marines who complained out of how many Marines that are on base there, probably a very small minority and you say that some of them are Christians, I hardly think not. NO committed Christian following Christ would have any problem with a sign that reads God Bless…

    So long bro, by the way have you read the book “The Real Kosher Jesus” that Dr. Michael Brown sent to you? Maybe you should, it just might change your life and thinking!

  2. Connie

    YW wrote: I will never obey the constitution when it conflicts with the Word of God! God before country I always say!!

    God before country you say? Well then why are you living in the USA? There are plenty of countries in South America and Europe that have a state backed religion. Here in the good old USA, we include all faiths, not just those who think they are the ‘correct’ one.

    Instead of imposing your idea of Sharia law here why don’t you do as you’ve advocated others to do and leave the USA. If you suddenly (and rather doubtful but I’m being optimistic) decide that sharing is the best alternative to leaving your home then let me know. It would be refreshing to speak with someone who isn’t constantly shoving their religion down my throat. It’s called spiritual rape for a reason and you YW are a repeat offender.

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