Who Is Mikey Weinstein?

Mikey, you are either a national treasure and a hero or you are the Devil Incarnate.

I’m betting on the national treasure and hero option.

Thanks for all you and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation staff do for all of us.

Noone else ever could or would take on the shit pile you guys do. I don’t know how you all do it especially with all of the attacks and abuse you all get?

(Oh, if I’m wrong and you are actually Satan could I sell my soul to you for some Meghan Trainor tickets? I have 3 pre-teen and teenage daughters who claim they’ll be scarred for life unless they can go to her concert.)

–Please do not reveal my name or e-mail address as me and my family can barely handle the stress of would-be boyfriends at our house. We could not deal with the maniacs you all tangle with daily.)

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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Well, I can tell you that Mikey is not a national treasure or hero in someone’s imagination and he is not the devil incarnate either. He is a man like the rest of us, born a sinner like the rest of all mankind and in need of a Savior and a Messiah in Jesus / Yeshua, to confess his sinfulness before Him and ask Him to forgive him of all his sins and thus become, in his case, a Messianic Jew!

  2. Connie

    Mods, why is this person allowed to proselytize here? Actually they’ve been doing it all over the site but here it’s really really clear.

  3. DaveG

    Connie, as irritating as YW is, I can only guess that MRFF tolerates trolls as a matter of courtesy and, more importantly, respect for the 1st Amendment – MRFF upholds the 2nd, why not the 1st as a bonus?

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