blood of Paris on your hands

Mr. Weistien,
Have you considered the evil role of your MFFR in the murders in Paris, sir? Because you all have enabled that.
You all at the MFFR seem to adore the muslim ragheads but hate all of us who follow the One True Lord and Savior for all mankind Jesus Christ.
The fact that you are a conniving jew lier only makes you worse of a race traitor to your people and us true American citizens. (John 8:44)
You have been so successful in eliminating Jesus from the Armies of America that ISIS knows it has free rain over this Christian founded country of ours and our friends like the French.
Its one thing to take Jesus out of our schools but another to commit the treason you and the MFFR does and take Him from our military. The MFFR has left us defenseless.
No Jesus No Peace. Know Jesus Know Peace. You are a jew traitor and so is your MFFR.
How does it feel to have the blood of Paris on your MFFR hands?
I hope they arrest you and send you all to guantanomo.

(name withheld)


Dear Sir or Madam –

What in the world are you talking about? Your rant is nearly as incoherent as it is insulting. To suggest that a group that advocates for the Constitutional protections of all US military members is somehow to blame for the terrible violence in Paris yesterday is, in a word, idiotic.
For what it’s worth, I am a Christian and USAF veteran, In addition to being a staunch supporter of the MRFF. So I know very well that nothing the MRFF is doing provides support or cover in ANY way to Islamic terrorists.
As for your concern about Jesus being “removed” from the US military, I can assure you that our armed forces continue to include lots and lots of Christians, along with patriots of many other religious beliefs… including Muslims.
The rest of your screed I will choose to ignore, given that it is chock full of ignorant falsehoods and ugly bigotry. But hey, I’m sure Jesus is beaming with pride…. or perhaps not so much.
Mike Challman
Christian, USAF veteran, MRFF supporter

Dear (name withheld),
Since you did not sign your letter, I will address this to (name withheld),

I felt compelled to respond to you in light of your uninformed claims.  First off I am a born again evangelical Christian who has been in the ministry – both militarily and civilian – for over 37 years.  I just retired as a command Chaplain; but, you are not interested in my credentials and you undoubtedly will seek to demean me and my beliefs.  There was a time that I felt Mikey and his efforts were misguided; however, I took the time to research and even went to the recusant position of meeting with him.  And now I consider him a friend (no he did not ask me to respond).

Let’s set the foundation, Mikey is a practicing follower of Judaism.  Secondly he feels everyone has a right to follow their religious beliefs or no beliefs, as they see fit.  I know you will not believe this but he has stood up against groups that seek to stop Christian beliefs.  So; with this said, just basic understanding of Judaism would preclude your tenant that he espouses the heinous acts meted upon the innocent people of France.  Please research before you accuse as Mikey, like myself, have an enormous love and respect for human life – aim the evil where it belongs; in the actions of the individual or groups involved.

Thank You For Your Time,

CH (COL-R) Quentin Collins



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  1. Connie

    Does the never ending stream of stupid ever stop? No, don’t answer that. I already know the answer. The derp is a river, a deep and mighty river that flows forever.

    The letter writer didn’t do any due diligence; if they did they’d know your name is MRFF. I don’t even know what words to use for MFFR.

    Again, times seven, no one is taking away religion from anyone – although seeing how anti-logic it makes folks I wonder…. No, the founding fathers had it correct. Enforcing no religion is just as bad as the theocrats with their One Twue Way (trademark pending).

    I hold hope that the letter writer and their ilk have their eyes opened in a way that doesn’t remove their faith. Reason I phrase it this way is because I know a few folks that don’t have much, their faith is the sum of their existence. To lose that would be catastrophic. I practice for the good of all and may it harm none. Yeah, losing faith would be harmful. Nope.

    I just wish those whose eyes are closed learn how to share the planet with everyone else who is already here.

  2. Yeshua Warrior

    Actually, the blood of Paris is on our Muslim presidents hand as he is so buddy buddy with the Muslim Brotherhood, and by his trip to Egypt 7 years ago, and forcing out the leadership of Egypt and putting in the Muslim Brotherhood and also taking out the president of Libya.

    He is also a Jew hater and very anti-Israel, destroying our relationship with our closet ally in the Middle East, while cozzing up to all the Muslim countries which are out to destroy Israel. All Obama has done is give lip service to Netanyahu of his support for Israel.

    The best thing that could every happen is that he is tried for treason and is hung until dead and televised all over the planet!

  3. Connie

    YW do you ever get tired of being incorrect? Your Obama derangement syndrome is showing. You might want to get that checked.

    The ONLY responsible party for the evil deeds in France are those who did them. I am not surprised you don’t know that as your projection skills are equal to the terrorists.

    By the way – I’ve answered your questions. Why do you refuse to answer mine? Before I let your silence speak for itself I’ll ask it here again.

    Do you believe I have the right to worship as I believe or must I conform to your idea of religion and faith?

    I’ve read your many comments and you dance around the issue, hence my blunt wording.

    PS – I’m fairly confident of your answer. After all you place religious law before the constitution. Or at least that’s what you wrote in another comment.

  4. Yeshua Warrior

    Connie, yes you have the right to worship as you wish, however, there is only one way to heaven and eternal life, and that is only through accepting God’s Son Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and repenting of your sins. All other religions will lead the person straight to hell and eternal separation from God! Jesus’ words not mine!

    If this were not the case, then why did Jesus give up His divine attributes, come to earth, suffer humiliation at the hands of the Romans and Jewish religious leadership, allow Himself to be whipped 39 times made out of pieces of glass, metal and leather, and then be nailed to a cross? It sure was not because there was nothing else for Him to do but so that every human being would not have to experience the wrath of God for our sins and be sent to hell which was originally created for the devil and his fallen angels!

    If you continue to choose to rebel against God, that is your choice, but your eternal fate has already been decided none other but by you alone.

  5. Connie

    My soul and relationship with the Gods is none of your business just as yours is none of mine. You found a way through life that works for you. What works for you doesn’t work for everyone. Why do you not see that?

    I see it.. Why can’t you?

  6. Yeshua Warrior

    Actually Connie, it is my business since Jesus told us to make everyone’s future eternal state our business. What works for me is the only way according to Jesus!

    The Old Testament states “there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it only leads to death.”

    I will ask you, there is no other religion, diety or way on the face of the planet that will get you into heaven, but only through accepting the shed blood of Christ on the cross. Why can’t you see that???

    Just remember you are only one heartbeat away from eternity, but your choice here on earth, will determine where you spend it.

  7. Connie

    YW – you wrote: I will ask you, there is no other religion, diety or way on the face of the planet that will get you into heaven, but only through accepting the shed blood of Christ on the cross. Why can’t you see that???

    I see you are insisting I shop at Walmart and I’m totally a Target kind of girl. Do you see my analogy?

    Here is a bit my back history – you provided yours in another thread. This is me – I read your Holy Book. Even received a copy when I was confirmed in the church. And yes, I read EVERYTHING and became disturbed by some of the messages contained within the covers. What things? Oh, the idea that rape is cool, slavery is not only accepted but celebrated, genocide is considered good land management…

    But what really made me look elsewhere for answers was one phrase that let me know the priests of the day did not want my kind to exist – Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

    Yeah, that’s the one. I am who I am, can’t change it anymore than I can change the color of my eyes. Because the faith of my childhood rather spectacularly let me know I was a NON person I went looking. If you review the latest demographics I’m not the only person to leave organized religion because of the way it demonizes our ‘otherness’.

    I say it again – your faith is the ultimate last word for you and your life. It has no meaning for me, in fact it does more harm than good in my eyes. As I live For the Good of All and May it Harm None I see your insistence to shove your faith down my throat to be troubling. Can you understand why I would think that? Just a little?

    Be proud of your faith – but when you insist I must believe as you do, well then preacher, we have ourselves a situation, don’t we?

    I’m Viking, from the West, and not afraid to stand up for myself. We can either share this planet or not. It’s up to you at this point. I’m ready to die to defend my rights. How about you?

  8. Pinky

    Yeshua Warrior- Please allow me to try to convince you that people like Connie, myself and many others make our own decisions and assume the responsibility for what may or may not happen to us after we die.

    Did you take a civics class in high school? If you did this concept of freedom may have been taught:

    “Every person has the freedom to swing their fist in the air as long as it does not connect with anyone’s nose.”

    In other words; do what you want as long as it doesn’t harm others. The application in the religious sense is this: believe what you want, but do not force your belief onto others. Sure you might believe you can get to a reward of life after death only through a belief in an ancient religious figure who may have been molded into a deity through many retellings of his tale over many years and many translations, but I hold sincere doubts as to the veracity of the myth and choose not to participate, however I will support anyone’s desire to follow a religion.

    Within the US our Constitution guarantees each citizen the right to pursue their own definition of happiness be it political or religious. What is not allowed is forcing your belief on others especially not using fear and subordination to recruit to a religion ‘for their own good.’

    There is a somewhat tattered, but still serviceable truism that ironically states:

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

    Anyone who forces a person into their religion ‘for their own good’ is an active example of that truism.

    You may feel regret that people like myself are putting ourselves in danger of not getting our reward after we die, but we have made our own decisions and it is your duty as a US citizen to abide by our desires. Its actually very easy since the only action on your part is to leave us alone and not proselytize to us.

    Was I of any help?

  9. Yeshua Warrior

    Pinky, we will share our faith with anyone at anytime we so choose. You can choose to say no thanks and walk away, but we are not going to be forced into any closet. We will also pray on any football, baseball or soccer field we choose as well.

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