God bless you all on this thanksgiving day and on everyday. Remember that Christ Jesus loves you. 🙂

(name withheld)


….thx for the nice sentiment…..however, I and billions of others do not believe in Jesus…..many of us DO believe in the United States Constitution though…how about you?

Mikey Weinstein



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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Jesus trumps the Constitution!! He is real and is coming again to rule and reign on this earth from the throne of His father David in Jerusalem! When that happens, the Constitution will no longer be needed or any other countries constitutions as a matter of fact. His Law will be the law of the world!

  2. Mark Sebree


    Do you ever get tired of being ignorant and wrong? In the USA, the US Constitution trumps every religion, including yours. Your religious law ONLY applied to people who believe as you do, and NOBODY ELSE!

    Nobody is interested in your personal opinion on how other people should act, and nobody is subject to your religious beliefs except you. Your imaginary friend is only an excuse for your intolerance, bigotry, and to try to keep other people from questioning your opinions by you claiming your opinions come from an “untraceable source”, i.e. your religion.

    Your religious beliefs are not the law of anywhere, and certainly not the world. It is people like you who are the cause of many of the problems in the world. You are cut from the same cloth as ISIS, al-Queada, the Taliban, the Spanish Inquisition, and ever other oppressive religious regime. You cannot accept that not everyone believes as you do, and you cannot accept that everyone’s beliefs are just as valid as your’s are.

  3. Yeshua Warrior

    Well Mark, there are certain instances when we must disobey the Constitution because it violates God’s law or His Word. God’s Word comes before the laws of men at times, and like the disciples once said, “we MUST obey God rather than men.”

    Sad to say Mark, one day you will stand before my “imaginary friend” and you will have to give account for your sins committed here on earth, and the punishment will not be too nice for you and millions of other people.

    We are not cut from the same cloth as ISIS etc, we do not cut off people’s heads if they do not accept Christ, we do have sex with animals like some Muslims, we do take for ourselves child brides and become pedophiles, we do not roam the earth in rape gangs like the Muslims are doing in Sweden right now. Did you hear that rapes in Sweden have gone up 800% since the Muslim refugees got there? So you analogy does not apply to us.

  4. Connie


    As citizens of the United States of America we agree to follow rules as defined by the Constitution.

    Why do you believe you do not have to follow the rules and still get the same rights as me? How is that fair?

  5. Mary

    Connie, what’s this about ‘fair’? Do you not understand that zealots of all types –who hide behind the skirts their god in order to excuse their reprehensible ideas and behaviour– are indeed all cut from the same cloth. That of hate and resentment and vengeance.

    When they don’t get their own way, as in forcing everyone else to kneel and bow and scrape to their own idea of God, they either take up arms and destroy the lives of innocent people or urge on the mentally-on-the-edge foolish people to do their dirty work for them.

    Isn’t it strange that they worry so much about the “sins” of others and threaten people who don’t follow their rules with punishment after they are dust under the grass–and don’t recognize their own attitudes as sinful.

    Too bad they don’t follow the words of Jesus–known as the Prince of Peace, and who showed us how to behave. Instead, they prefer the words of the old testament, which are based on the actual disgraceful ways of real men and women who had not heard about Jesus in those days.

    The OT is who people really are and how they really act, while the NT is what we could all be if we followed Jesus. It’s quite obvious that Jesus has no power in the lives of these self-righteous angry people who castigate Mikey and MRFF. He’s a wimpy nonentity not worth reading about nor emulating. If only they would worry more about their own souls and less about the souls of the rest of us…….

    It was hypocrites like YW who showed me that religion can be poison and is not something i want to be associated with. If I were to claim religion, it would be in the church of followers of Jesus. He, at least, had dignity.

    I bet YW is a bundle of fun at a social event.

  6. Angela Schweig

    Yeshua Warrior…I usually ignore your comments because your verbiage makes me wonder if you have a diagnosed mental illness. E.g., in your response to Mark Sebree, above, you make several statements that begin with or include the pronoun “we.” Tell me, Yeshua, does that diction indicate that you are speaking on behalf of a group…or you are speaking in the royal “we”…or you are speaking in the schizophrenic or dissociative “we”?

  7. Connie

    Hi Mary –

    I don’t expect fair from YW. In fact expecting ‘fair’ in life is a journey destined for disappointment. Actually I’ve found all expectations lead to disappointment but that is a topic for another day.

    I poke at YW for several reasons – first he called my husband’s faith a myth (my late husband was seventh generation Asatru and followed Thor until his death). Next he called a person I consider to be a sterling example of Christian a NOT TWUE CHRISTIAN. How freaking dare he say someone’s faith is not true. He doesn’t know that person, doesn’t know the path they have walked. By spouting his ignorance he sullies good people of faith everywhere.

    He also was very smarmy when I said his book called for my death, assuming I am a homosexual. He isn’t mentally ill – that’s my designation thank you very much. He’s willfully stupid and I can’t let that be, nope nope nope.

    Here is my stand – I define myself as a Quantum Activist. My husband gave me the title of Shield Maiden of Brian, warrior of Thor and I do my best to live up to my adopted faith. So now you know a bit about me. I tell you this not because I owe an explanation; I tell you this so we can learn more about each other.

    Thanks for responding to me – I celebrate you and your faith for you have a large heart. Why else would you take a moment to write to an anonymous person on the interwebz about the concept of fair. You touched my heart Mary. Thank you. 🙂

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