Mikey Weinstein needs to be crucified and fed to sharks (with MRFF response)

comment posted to Army Times:

I’m not religious at all, and this is sheer fucktardery.

Mikey Weinstein needs to be crucified and fed to sharks.

And the entire chain of command needs to retire in embarrasment for not telling him to go fuck himself.

Reply by Mike Farrell (MRFF Board of Advisors):

Your response to the U.S. military’s decision with regard to the utterly stupid, shameless and mindlessly provocative use of the ‘crusader’ imagery matches in vulgarity with the idiot who determined to use it in the first place.

Happily those above him (and you) in intelligence and understanding know enough to protect America from the Know-Nothings among us.

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  1. Jason Johnston

    What an hateful, disgusting, and ignorant comment. He must be one of the out of control radical christians.

    Thank you MRFF for all the work you are doing.

    Speaking of radicals have you seen the videos from U.S. Army Sgt. Marcus Rogers posted on his FB page? https://www.facebook.com/marcus.rogers.75

    11-19 posted one about the Paris attacks, saying we are at war, the devil of the bible is influencing them….etc

    11-15 posted “force feeding America and your children” all about gays, transgenders, schools,new world order….it’s horrible to listen to.

    And the comments under these videos…yikes!!

    He has an active hashtag #marcusrogers

    Sounds to me that this Marcus guy needs a psych evaluation

  2. Angela Schweig

    Marcus Rogers doesn’t need a psych evaluation. He needs an exorcism and a court-martial.

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