Mikey, look at what Queers are doing to the Boy Scouts


(name withheld)


(name withheld), you homophobic numbskull, I’m  curious – do you have a connection to Scouting?

I do. I’ve spent many years as a Scout leader. I’m also an Eagle Scout. Both of my sons are Eagle Scouts. My little brother is an Eagle Scout (and longtime Scout leader). His two oldest sons are Eagle Scouts.
So I think it’s fair to say that I know whereof I speak when I say – religious bigots like you pose a much greater threat to the principles of Scouting than anyone else ever will.

Mike, I don’t know who you are, but you and your Family should be ashamed of what has happened to the Boy Scouts. A once honorable organization for young Men has been bastardized in the name of political correctness. This is NOT the Boy Scout organization that you and your Family know and respect!
Wait until the lawsuits start to be filed because of a variety of sexual abuse issues perpetrated by some Boy Scout Members and Leaders. Queers will destroy the BSA!
I will assume that you are a decent person that will, at some point, detest the way that the Boy Scouts are headed.
(name withheld)

I don’t know you either, (name withheld), but your stream of ignorant, hateful, and bigoted messages to the MRFF are giving me quite an education about you.

As for any shame I may feel — that I reserve for individuals who represent themselves as my fellow Christians, and then say things that surely make Jesus weep.





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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Great point made my this person. NO gays should be allowed in the Boy Scouts period!! May I also say that NO gays should be in the military as well, that will ruin military cohesion more than any Christian sharing their faith!

    I would not want any two gay men, humping each others asses in the barracks where I sleep or two lesbians fondling each others breasts and sticking dildos in each others vaginas!

  2. Connie

    Oh Yeshua, do you really look at a homosexual person and reduce them to a sexual act? How dehumanizing. And telling…

    See, when I view two people in a relationship I figure it’s none of my damn business what they do or do not do in the bedroom. I guess that idea of courtesy is too much for you and your kind. I find that to be so juvenile.

    I’ve not been in the military but it seems to me that sex between two people in a dorm (or barrack) would be something to be avoided – am I wrong? So why are you projecting about something that doesn’t happen? I mean, I have no desire to view you having sex – that doesn’t mean hetrosexuality is something to shunned, just you.

    In my opinion, as soon as you and your kind scoot into history the better. As I am not the king (or queen) of the world I must share it with you. It is too bad you have no intention of sharing it with me.

  3. Yeshua Warrior

    Well Connie sorry to disappoint you, “our kind” won’t be scooting off into history at all, we will always be here and we will reign with Christ when He returns to establish His kingdom on earth for a thousand years!

    Homosexuals like the rest of mankind where born in the image of God, but they have corrupted that image by doing what God calls an abomination! God created sex to be between one man and one woman in the bounds of marriage only!

  4. Pinky

    Yeshua Warrior you stated “God created sex to be between one man and one woman in the bounds of marriage only!”

    If that is true why did Yahweh (I take it you mean Yahweh when you refer to your deity) create homosexuals? If sex is only for married folk; did Adam & Eve live in sin since there was no authority present to marry them?

    It may be a mistake to use the Christian bible as a crutch to convince others gays are evil or whatever you think they are. In Ruth 1 there is a passage that talks of the love between Ruth and Orpah and it does not sound platonic:

    1:14 “And they lifted up their voice, and wept again: and Orpah kissed her mother in law; but Ruth clave unto her. (1:14) “Ruth clave to her.”

    Ruth loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve.”


    In 2 Samuel 1 the bible describes male to male love where David says:

    1:26 “I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan: very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.”

    It is not important that you waste your time developing arguments for why you believe I am misinterpreting these passages, I have read a number of scholarly books and listened to lectures by both faithful and non-faithful bible researchers who all say the Christian bible is a miss-mash of hearsay passed through many, many generations or in the case of the new testament, information either relayed 50 to 100 years after Jesus’ death (if he existed) or simply made up to further the agenda of the fraudulent authors.

    JW- it is great you have solid faith I hope you find comfort in it, but please don’t try to impose it on the public at large and I will not impose my beliefs on you.

  5. Angela Schweig

    Yeshua Warrior…you are truly both a sad and laughable excuse for a human being. I’m not going to discuss heterosexuality OR homosexuality in the military. I’m just pointing out that there is a strict policy across all branches of the military (and its not “don’t ask, don’t tell”). It’s known as “No PDA”…no public displays of affection. It means that no one…married, engaged, dating, or otherwise has permission to show any adult gestures of a loving nature (even hand-holding) while anywhere defined as “on duty.” And I really believe that if and when Jesus comes again, he will be ashamed of your Dominionist, bigoted, exclusionist mentality. People like you are labeled “Christian Taliban.” Now I understand why.

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