WEASEL ZIPPERS – U.S. Army Sign Featuring Crusader-Like Knight Removed Hours After Phone Call From Perpetually Offended Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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  1. Susan Shwartz

    First, I want to thank MRFFfor the work it is doing both in the U.S. and overseas to protect us against what is a good thing that has taken a turn it should not legally take. In other words, as a woman of faith myself (Jewish), I am delighted that you are men and women of faith. But it is separate from your civic and military duties.

    Years ago, I was trained as a medieval scholar. I’d like to recommend to you the three-volume series he wrote on the Crusades, in particular, the First Crusade, preached in 1095 by Bernard de Clairvaux, saint and founder of the Cistercian order, after Alexius I Comnenus of the Eastern Empire asked for help. It may explain precisely why the term “Crusader,” which means so much to Christians in the West, is regarded by Jews with apprehension and by Muslims with hatred.

    Go ahead, now, to July 1099. Jerusalem has been under siege. Tonight, Jerusalem falls. Although Godfrey de Bouillon refused the title King to become Advocate of Jerusalem and walked humbly into the holy City, terrible things happen when cities are sacked. To try to escape them, the Jews of Jerusalem (for we were there) and the Muslims of Jerusalem retreated to our respective synagogues and mosques to pray for safety.

    The men from the West (and the Greeks, and the locals with whom Alexius and the Western Crusaders dealt) set the synagogues and mosques on fire and burned the people in them alive.

    We Jews have a saying “never forget.” Our cousins through Abraham (whether they like it or not) do too. What they do is as wrong as setting those mosques on fire or ramming planes into the World Trade Center. I work in that area and have seen it go from being shards and ashes to resuming its place as a functioning part of the city.

    As far back as Jews entered North America, people feared we would not be loyal or productive. It’s likely Muslims will be just as loyal and productive (even if right now many hate our guts). But to keep our faiths safe and our nation safe, I think history shows that it’s wisest to keep them separate.

    With my best wishes to all for a joyous Thanksgiving.

    Susan Shwartz, Ph.D.

  2. Yeshua Warrior

    With all due respect do Dr Schwartz, most of the Crusaders were only professing “Christians” and not born again believers, and yes many bad things have been done in the name of Christ by people who did not apply what Christ taught us to do.

    Most of the Crusaders went over to the Middle East to defend Jerusalem from the Muslims who took it over and ransacked it! Unfortunately, many Jews were killed as well which their blood still stains our hands and which many evangelical Christian Zionists like myself ask your forgiveness!

    However, our faith is not meant to be hidden or practiced only in our churches, our and your Messiah, Jesus, a Torah observant Jew, told His Jewish disciples then and everyone who follows Him today, that we are to proclaim the Gospel (Good News) of His salvation to the world to every nation, tribe and tongue, and nor are we to hide His light under a bushel, but to raise it up for all mankind to see. Jesus even said that “if I be lifted up” in relation to His crucifixion, “I will draw all men to Myself.

    Also, to the best of my knowledge, I have never heard from any of my Jewish friends, that the term “Never Forget” refer to the Crusades, but only in reference to the Holocaust, to which I heartily agree with them, Never Again!

    Finally, Jesus never came to start a new religion called Christianity, rather to make better on biblical Judaism, a “New Covenant” as the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah put it. Christianity is really Jewish in nature and rooted as well in Judaism.

    May the veil that G-d put over your eyes to not understand, be lifted of you so that you realize that Jesus or Yeshua is the long awaited Messiah, who came and is coming again! Shalom!

  3. G

    YM, you need to read about the Bible sanctioning the murder of people of other faiths http://www.evilbible.com/Murder.htm

  4. Yeshua Warrior

    G, the bible does not sanction the murder of people of other faiths!! Give me some scripture passages and I will refute everyone. Let me guess they are probably from the Old Testament right?

  5. G

    YM, yes the Bible does say so. Click on the link that was in my last message. If you know the Bible in and out like the back of your hand, then you should be able to find those phrases. That shouldn’t be too much trouble for you, isn’t it?

  6. Yeshua Warrior


    Yes I looked at the link you gave me and those who created that page have no idea what scripture is teaching there. Also, the majority of the verses given were from the Old Testament and what use to be called the Mosaic Law, which God gave the Israelites while still in the desert so as to separate themselves from the heathen nations around them. Yes God told the israelites to completely wipe out the Caananites because they were very wicked, you might say they were the ISIS of their day and the enemies of God and the Israelites. Do you see the Jews today still obeying the Mosaic Law, except for the dietary kosher laws, and annihilating their enemies? NO! Plus there is not one single teaching by either Jesus or his disciples to murder anyone that is of another faith!

  7. G

    YW. the people of that Bible website were very meticulous in going through the Bible. So what if the verses were part of the Mosaic Law. They are still part of the Old Testament, period. God gave us the Ten Commandments; however, it still has not stop both Jews and Christians from lying, cheating, stealing, committing adultery, worshipping other gods (particularly how American culture and society worship money and power more than they worship God).

    The Catholic Church and the other religious dominations were acting like ISIS when you at all the religious wars in Europe and if given half a chance our religious leaders in America would do the same thing.

    Canaanites being heathens? Why didn’t God tried to convince themselves to leave their wicked ways instead of killing them? I though God was smarter than that considering the fact that he is God.

    Just because there is no scripture in the New Testament about killing other people doesn’t change the fact about killing people in the Old Testament. You look at how many of our political, religious, and military leaders believed that they are on a crusade (no pun intended) to save the world from Islam and to save America from itself considering the fact that our leaders have contribute to the lack of morals because they don’t believe in the Bible plus they probably have no fear of God because they think that they are God and there is no God. If they believe in God, they probably figure that God will forgive their sins despite the terrible things they have done to mankind. BTW, if the Zionist Jews had their way, they probably would have wipe out the Arab population in 1948; however, that would have been a public relations disaster considering the fact that they were almost wipe out a few years earlier.

  8. MW

    Hey G: couple of tips: check your spelling BEFORE sending, and don’t be the twit who refuses to see. Diplomacy with the devil cannot end well. Put on your big boy pants and realize that occasionally, evil has to be utterly erased.

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