Beauty and The 666 Beast

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AF Academy ashamed of Mikie Wienstein and let the football team pray to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  America is a Christian nation duh!

Your the devil in the flesh Mr. jewish and you can just go back to he## with Carl Marxist and Lenin!! 
Megyn Kelley called you out once and she can do it gain you evil demon.
(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld) (if I have the name wrong, my apologies — I’m trying to deduce your name from your email since you didn’t sign your brief missive) —

Thanks for writing to the MRFF, as it gives me an opportunity to disavow you of some serious misconceptions.  As for who I am — I’m a lifelong, committed, and active Christian; a USAF Academy graduate (’85); and a staunch MRFF supporter.
First misconception – “AF Academy ashamed of Mikie Wienstein” (sic)
I think your contention is that the USAFA community is ‘ashamed’ of the efforts of Mikey and the MRFF?  That would be a tremendous overstatement. To be sure, there are some members of the community, both stationed at USAFA and among its graduates, who oppose our efforts. That is what makes American great, that we can agree or disagree with one another openly.
But I would contend, based on what I hear from many of my fellow graduates and from individuals I know who are currently stationed at USAF, that a MUCH larger percentage of the USAFA community supports our efforts. That is because the majority of people understand that protecting the rights of everyone is not a ‘win-lose’ proposition. In other words, respecting the rights of a non-Christian, or a non-believer, does not take any rights away from a Christian.
Second misconception – that Jesus Christ is the “Lord and Savior” of the USAFA football team
The USAFA football team is a military organization, and like every other organization in the US military, it has no ‘savior’. Individual members have their own beliefs, and each of them is fully entitled to those beliefs (including non-belief). The problem comes when the organization begins to take on the hue of a particular sectarian religious belief. Doing so violates both relevant USAF regulations and the US Constitution. That is what happens when team members, in uniform and on duty, conduct a public spectacle that promotes a specific sectarian religious belief.
Third misconception – “America is a Christian nation duh!”
While that is a common refrain offered by some Christians, it is not even close to true.  America is a pluralistic nation, comprised of a diverse group of citizens who represent every manner of belief and non-belief. Our Constitution was written expressly to recognize, respect, and accommodate that diversity. Every citizen has the same rights and freedoms under the Constitution, a document which was expertly crafted so that it favors no particular religious belief, including Christianity.
Fourth misconception – Mikey Weinstein is “the devil in the flesh”, “Mr. jewish” (whatever that means), and an “evil demon”
I gather from your overall commentary that you are a Christian. As such, and as a Christian myself, I struggle with the notion that name calling does anything to give glory to God. But in any case, I know Mikey very well — he can be strident, unyielding, and undiplomatic… and he is also a man of great honor, character, and integrity. Yet while I don’t think he has ever won the title of “Mr. Jewish”, he is in fact Jewish — and in my view, anyone who would attempt to use that as an insulting epithet is a bigot of the worst kind.
Anyway, thanks again for writing. If nothing else, you’ve reminded me why it’s important that I continue to support the efforts of the MRFF.
Mike Challman
Christian, USAF veteran, MRFF supporter

Oh, poor (name withheld) (if I’ve guessed your name correctly)

I’m sorry you have so little understanding of the situation, but that happens often

when people are frightened. What troubles me more is that you have so little

understanding of Christianity.

Jesus weeps when people who claim to believe in him betray themselves as

anti-Semitic. Jesus himself was a Jew, but you may not have known that. But

he also weeps at ignorance, at impiety and a lot of other things you exhibit.

Do learn decency, it will be more becoming on you.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. watchtower December 12, 2015 at 7:03 am

    666 (A christian number representing an ignorant biblical evil for which they created)

    No, America is a Constitutional Republic and as such one may act on his own or through his representatives when he chooses to solve a problem. MRFF chooses to solve the problem of the ignorant notion America is a christian nation.

    Go back to school and learn about the true history of your country, you’ve obviously have been duped by Fox News (and Meghan).

  2. Ron Scott, Colonel, USAF Retired, USAFA '73 December 13, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    I know many “Christians” who are really secular humanists.

    Is America a Christian nation? Perhaps more so before secular humanism began to take greater root (perhaps the next Nobel Prize nomination will take some credit for this).

    Gallup has tracked religious affiliations for years. In 2014, 70% claimed to be Christian. See

    I think what offends many who are not supporters of the MRFF is that it attacks and takes away freedoms. These may be unintended “optics.” Yet, then again, perhaps this justifies donations that allow for a decent income ($300,000 in 2013, most recent publicly available FM 990)? It’s certainly legal. But even an attorney knows that legal may not be proper in the grand scheme of things.

  3. Yeshua Warrior December 13, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    Yes Ron, a salary of $300,000 is quite extravagant for a lawyer who has a 501(c)3 non profit organization. This is often referred to as fleecing the flock which Mikey does very well. I think Mikey and some of the tele-evangelists should get together and exchange ideas how to better fleece their flocks out of money and to deceive their followers!

    I looked up and found that the average salary of an executive director for a non-profit organization is anywhere from $29,000 to $87,000, and believe it or not, the average salary of a pastor here in the U.S. is about $29,000, so Mikey is more than bilking the contributors to his organization.

    Because of this, I am requesting, which is my right by law, that MRFF send me a printout of every contributor and how much they have given to MRFF!!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Connie December 13, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    Ron, you said “I think what offends many who are not supporters of the MRFF is that it attacks and takes away freedoms.”

    You are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to make up facts.

    How and where has MRFF taken away anyone’s freedom? All I’ve ever heard Mikey request is for everyone to abide by the rules. I already know YW won’t share (he wants his faith and only his faith to have any official recognition). How about you?

    You also said “I know many “Christians” who are really secular humanists.”

    I know a ton of Christian Supremacists who are jerks and horrible humans. What is your point? Are you, like YW, one of “THOSE” Christians who discount another person’s faith? It sure sounds like it.

    I believe Mikey deserves a salary far in excess of what he actually draws, not that it’s any of my business. How exactly is it yours; especially if you do not financially support the MRFF?

    I’m doing you the courtesy to ask you my questions. YW – I know his motivations; honesty is not a part of his moral fiber, hence his childish demands remain that – the pouting of a little boy who really needs a nap.

  5. Ron Scott, Colonel, USAF Retired, USAFA '73 December 14, 2015 at 2:20 pm


    My entry included facts and observations.

    Why are you so angry? I’ve seen letters written by MRFF folks to the Undersecretary of the Air Force and other DoD offices using language that was far from civil or polite, but oozing with anger and contempt and an air of self-righteousness. Addressing rule violations can be accomplished with respect and decency.

    Quite frankly, in my opinion, secular humanists have their own sense of morality that they believe is superior to other systems, especially religious systems. The Bolsheviks certainly set the standard in the last century. They relied heavily upon informants among the rank and file. MRFF appears to have its own private cohort in this regard. Truth needs no cover.

  6. Yeshua Warrior December 14, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    You preach it Ron, I have your back!! Thanks for your service to our country!!

    MRFF continues to push the idea that only the Christians are hateful and less than decent behavior in things that they say. Yes I have read some real bad things that supposed “professing Christians” have said, which I consider wrong and unbecoming of a true believer in Christ.

    However, like you said, I have also read of hateful things MRFF members and advisors have said in print, namely Mikey Weinstein has the most potty mouth I have seen and would ashamed to be associated with him in any regards. This is called hypocrisy, for they feel their morality is better than a Christians. If their morality sees nothing wrong in murdering over 50 million babies and selling their body parts for money or throwing them in a landfill, or allowing two gays to get married and have sex which is a abomination to God and human decency, or kicking God out of our govt, schools and political parties (Democrats) then I don’t want their type of morality. They are the most to pitied or mankind.

  7. Connie Jaeger December 14, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    Ron, I thought you would actually speak with me but instead you confuse truth with facts and treat me to the old “if a woman has an opinion and expresses it she’s angry” homily.

    I’m not angry. Anger clouds the mind and takes away my peace. What I am is intent on protecting the Constitution (and by extension the USA) from you theocrats. When you learn to share my duty will be complete. Until that day I will challenge the crap that falls out of your keyboard.

    I asked one question, which Ron ignored. It’s still out there – How and where has MRFF taken away anyone’s freedom?

    YW – I do not owe you any more proof that I know what I’m talking about. You asked me questions in previous threads that I answered, using the texts from YOUR holy book. You don’t like my answers so you call me every horrible name at your disposal.

    I asked you about your Golden Rule. In your narrow mind you believe the rule should only apply to you and yours. I believe Jesus said differently but then again, I’m no preacher (snark).

    My question still stands gentlemen. How has MRFF taken away anyone’s freedom? Where? Examples please. Dates, times, names.

    See – you can’t. Mikey may be abrupt, rude, brusque, and use language that makes a sailor blush (wait a minute… sounds like my late husband! O_o) but the thing that really makes you crazy is he is correct. You hate that about him and I love it. :)

  8. Ron Scott, Colonel, USAF Retired, USAFA '73 December 15, 2015 at 11:41 am


    MRFF has taken away the freedom for a certain group of people to be who they are. MRFF wants to establish that they are “free” to pray but they must follow man-made rules in terms of when, where, and how. Thus, it is an attempt to make them of this world as opposed to in this world. This is why it is alright for MRFF, as a secular humanist instrument, to proselytize in the name of “freedom from religion” (which by the way is contrary to the intent of the First Amendment).

    I too support and defend the Constitution. I said an oath to this extent that will be with me till I die. I served over 30 years protecting this Constitution and for the ideals for which it represents. This is why I choose not to support the MRFF philosophy and agenda. But, I respect your right and prerogative to align with MRFF. You are who you are. And if you are truly at peace with this, then I am happy for you. Shalom.

  9. Angela Schweig December 23, 2015 at 9:18 pm

    Connie Jaeger,
    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this. You’re wonderful. I’ve wanted to pin “Yeshua Warrior” to a specimen board from the first time I read one of his replies here. He doesn’t have enough courage of his convictions to use his real name. He and Col. Scott complain about Mikey’s language. Mikey can be direct, abrasive, and even un-diplomatic. But in the years that I’ve read his op-eds, I’ve never encountered crudity, bigotry, misogyny, or ad hominem attacks. I read all of that coming out of “Christians.” YW appears to use belittling misogynist and anti-Semitic remarks pretty frequently. And I think you’re right about Col. Scott’s arguments: you asked him twice to provide hard evidence, and he sidestepped you both times. I don’t know if that means that he disregards women with opinions because I don’t know him – but it may. Keep on being a woman of passionate intelligence and integrity. Have a peaceful and relaxing holiday season.

  10. Ron Scott January 1, 2016 at 6:06 pm


    Evidence: every attempt to regulate (coerce) the free (voluntary) expression of religion. The mission of MRFF is all the evidence needed. Anger and contempt fuels every attempt to regulate this First Amendment freedom.

    Thank you for the sexist labeling. My experience is that labeling is very effective in diminishing the messenger; it avoids the hard work of arguments to counter a message.

    Happy New Year.

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