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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Cannot wait for the game to start and Christian Air Force players pray in the end zone or maybe they will do it at the 50 yard line joined by players from Cal as well!

    Wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch Mikey pee in his pants and throw a hissy fit after they start praying.

    All I know is that God will be glorified and smile down from heaven as He sees his children obeying Him and putting Him first!!

    To God be the glory tomorrow and Go Air Force, beat Cal!!

  2. G

    YW, you better pray that this public display of praying will not happen.

  3. Yeshua Warrior


    And what if it does happen, the football players who pray will be kicked out, hardly!!

  4. G

    YW, they should be kicked out since they violated the separation between state and religion and not be allowed back into the military.

    Those people who don’t want to pray if not kicked out will be ostracized by the Academy staff and members plus it will follow them around in their military careers.

  5. Yeshua Warrior

    Hey G,

    Guess what, I saw pictures from the game today of Air Force players praying in the end zone. What a glorious picture it is too!

    If any players should be kicked out they would have a good case for religious discrimination.

    Just hope Mikey does not choke too much when he sees the photo of some of the players praying in the end zone before the game today.

    Go Air Force!

  6. G

    Hey YM. Where is your proof about the players having a case for religious discrimination if they got kick out? If anyone has a case for religious discrimination, it is those people who have complained to the ACLU and the MRFFfor having to deal with Christianity shove down their throats at the military academies and at the military bases.

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