“END OF AMERICA” blog scaremongers against MRFF activism

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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Great article, yes we are looking at the end of America as we used to know it, as everything now as become PC and we are so afraid of ruffling some Muslim feathers or offending them, well who was here first, it was Jews and Christians. If Muslims do not like the way we live our lives or laws, then they can just go back to where they came from and get out of our military if they are unwilling to kill fellow Muslims who threaten the United States and Israel!

  2. Connie

    YW proves he’s never read history. The first people on the American continent were the First Nations, followed by Vikings.

    Using his logic all faiths which stem from Abraham should leave, our military should be ready to kill radical Christians, Jews, and Muslims…

    Here is a novel idea. How about everyone gets to live their life and if there are conflicts (which there will be) we talk about the situation. And we learn to compromise. This my way or the highway works only for dictators and theocracies.

  3. Yeshua Warrior


    When did I say that our military should be ready to kill radical Christians… I have never said that.

  4. Connie

    YW, you said:

    “If Muslims do not like the way we live our lives or laws, then they can just go back to where they came from and get out of our military if they are unwilling to kill fellow Muslims who threaten the United States and Israel!”

    Using your logic the military needs to be ready to kill anyone who threatens the US (and Israel). I know you don’t see the threat posed by the Christian Taliban but I do as does the MRFF.

    I do my best to keep my windows clean to ensure my predjudices don’t blind me to potential friends or enemies. Any faith on its own is not the threat. It is when that faith is forced that it becomes a threat.

    You, YW, with your clever names and games are the very threat you claim to hate. For this reason I respond to your comments. For this reason I suggest you read your saviours words for I believe your comprehension is lacking. Jesus didn’t say the world is black and white. He said it’s grey and we are all doing the best we can and we know we can do better. At least that’s the message I got after reading his stories.

  5. Yeshua Warrior

    Yes Connie, we do need to kill anyone who threatens the US or Israel. Did we not do that in WWII, we killed Germans and Japanese, or maybe we should have just tried to talk to them first, especially Japan after doing a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and killing many civilians and military personnel. I bet if you were to ask any WWII vet, they would say yes, we wanted to kill Japs and Nazis to protect our nation from coming to our shores! We had the greatest military leaders in WWII, and we took it to Germany and Japan, flattening both countries with our bombs until they surrendered.

    Israel kills those who have attacked their country and still do today. Once Hamas launches rockets at Israeli civilians, Israel responds in force fiercely bombing Hamas targets killing terrorists where they stand.

    Israel gets it, but America does not, both Israel and the United States has the same enemy called Radical Islam, whose chief ideological purpose is to kill the infidel or subjugate them to slavery. The infidel is every one who will not convert to Islam. In the words of one Congress member, what we need to do with ISIS and radical Islamists is to wipe everyone of them out, man, woman, and child!!

    There is no such thing as a Christian Taliban, that phrase has only been used by Mikey Weinstein. Do you know anything about the Taliban??? Probably not. Why don’t you read about the Taliban and who they are here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taliban#Targeted_killings

    Christians are not setting IED’s on the roadside hoping to blow up Muslims here in the US. Christians are not forcing women into sex slavery, we are not holding public executions of those who will not repent and become a Christian. I have never seen a Christian wearing a suicide vest and go into a pizzeria here in the US and setting it off, like Palestinian terrorists did several years ago in Israel! The Taliban and Christians are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I will tell you this, any radical Islamist were to attempt to harm any of my loved ones, I will pop a couple caps into his brain and send him to hell!

    What is a real laugh is you trying to understand anything Jesus was teaching as a pagan. Scripture says that only those who are filled with the Holy Spirit can understand what the Spirit was saying when telling the biblical writers what to write!

  6. Connie

    By their actions (and words) you shall know them.

    What you do to the least of me you do to me.

    You respond with hate. I respond with love. I believe love wins in the end (spoiler alert)

  7. Yeshua Warrior

    Connie, you are a biblically illiterate person! Stop trying to quote scripture passages when you have no idea what they mean in their context!!

    Am I hateful to want to protect my loved ones from terrorists or non terrorists who want to do them harm? Shall I just say to a terrorist, sure come on in, and help yourself to raping my wife and daughter??

    Was it hate when we entered WWII because we wanted to protect our nation from the radical leaders of Nazism and Imperilism?

    Let me ask you this, if ISIS were to take you captive and were going to take off your head or the head of a loved one, will you respond with love, or try to kill them?

    If someone broke into my house, I will either smash their head in with a baseball bat or shoot at their center mass and put them down. Did you know that police and soldiers are trained to shoot at center mass, which is the chest area? They are going to put them down and out so they are no longer a threat.

    ISIS is already here in the United States!! We just saw that with the massacre in San Bernardino, CA, but because they have gun control there, 14 innocent civilians lost their life, if several had conceal carry permits, loss of life could have been averted. If ISIS or any other radical Islamists were to try to attack in either Arizona or Texas, they will be gunned down in the streets, because many are packing there in those two states and I say bravo!!

  8. Connie

    YW, you said: “Let me ask you this, if ISIS were to take you captive and were going to take off your head or the head of a loved one, will you respond with love, or try to kill them?”

    Your reading retention skills are poor. That means you don’t remember what you read, hence my urging you re-read your holy book. However, that is not my point here. You do remember I’m a widow of a Marine. I do not use the title ex-Marine because there are no ex-Marines. I may be a hippy but I understand how and when to kill.

    But you asked me a question and I do my best to respond to people who ask something of me. If captured how would I respond?

    Well, first ISIS (Daesh not the Egyptian Goddess) isn’t just a people, it’s an idea. It’s the thought process that one particular ideology has all the answers for everyone all the time (sound familiar?). Daesh attracts black and white thinkers like yourself who urge death and destruction to protect their personal rights while real patriots (like my late husband) volunteer to die to protect everyone else – even people like you.

    Second – I’m already captured because Dominionists are firmly entrenched in all facets of the United States Government. I fight you YW. I fight you because you believe to your core that your faith is the ONE TWUE WAY for EVERYWONE. You believe your book should be the basis of law instead of the Constitution. You believe there are people less equal than you.

    So, in answer to your question if I were to be beheaded I would hope I die with honor and love. I honestly can’t say because I’ve not yet faced beheading. I have faced bullies before and the best way to defeat them is to stand up to them with love, empathy, and understanding. Bullies were bullied themselves so where does the cycle of abuse end?

    It ends with me YW and if you’d accept we all have equal rights the cycle would end with you too.

  9. Connie

    PS what other context is there for by their actions (and words) you shall know them?

    Also this idea that the bible is an inerrant book is only a couple centuries old. Everyone before that understood the words were divinely inspired, not the literal word. Google it if you don’t believe me.

  10. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear Connie,

    I also come from pretty much an all Marine family, Semper Fi, WWII and Vietnam vets who would be more than willing to kill anyone who attempts to harm one of our family members. I have a warriors blood running through my veins. Remember, David was not only a king, but he was also a mighty warrior for God killing Israel’s enemies who posed a threat to the people of Israel. Since I am a son of Abraham, I have David’s blood too running through me.

    Jesus does not expect a Jew or Christian to just be a door mat and take it, nor to just be a pacifist when someone is wanting to kill us. Among the hundreds of thousands of Christians in this country and around the world who are gun owners who are willing to maim or kill anyone wishing to do harm to a loved one of theirs if they break into their house.

    Even in the bible, God is called a mighty warrior!

    God before Government!!

  11. G

    YW, so what about entering World War II to protect America from Nazism and Imperial Japan? It did not stop the Bush Family, the Ford Company, the DeBeers Diamond company, Shell Oil, and IBM from doing business with the Nazis. Business is business as far as American business leaders are concerned even if it means killing their own fellow countrymen and women in order to make money.

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