FAITH FAMILY AMERICA – Anti-Christian Activist Wants To Rid The Military Of Prayer Because It Offends ISIS

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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Why are we so worried about offending ISIS, we were not worried about offending the Nazis or Japs during WWII, so why should we be worried about offending radical Muslims.

    What MRFF does not realize is that ISIS and radical Muslims are already offended at us just for being a free country whether we are Christians or Jews. It is their ideology, not whether some academy football players are praying in an end zone, to kill us, why, because we are the infidel according to the Koran, and they are taught in the mosques and midrassas’ to kill the infidel, as their saying goes, “first the Sunday people (Christians) then the Saturday people(Jews).

    I doubt that ISIS is kicking back on a Saturday afternoon with a glass of sheep piss watching Air Force play football and say, hey, we need to go kill them because they are praying in the end zone. This is going way overboard in making mountains out of molehills!

    Merry Christmas!! Jesus is the Reason for the Season

  2. G

    YW, conservative Americans spend more time worrying about progressivism, liberalism, communism, unionization, and curtailing civil, labor, economic, social, and political rights long before Nazism came into existence and long after it was destroyed.

    The Christians in the last several years seems intent on killing people who don’t convert to their religion when you look at how the military chaplains, civilian religious leaders, and generals are preaching a crusade on Islam and put biblical quotes on the military items like rifles, bombs, airplanes, etc.

    Jesus is not the reason for the season because the 25th of December was a Roman pagan religious day.

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