Praise God for these Soldiers

A weapon in each hand, one is physically lethal the other spiritually lethal!


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  1. Yeshua Warrior


  2. Mark Sebree

    While I agree that the assault rifle is physically dangerous, the Bible is useless, and in fact the image is likely to serve as a recruitment tool for ISIS and other Muslim terrorist organizations. Therefore, pictures like this only serve to put more of our soldiers in harms way.

    What’s more, I hope these two soldiers are not in any sort of leadership position. If so, given this picture, it is likely that they discriminate against soldiers who are not Christians and ones that are “not Christian enough”, which is a violation of the UCMJ, military regulations, and the US Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

    They may be “serving” our country, but they have a lot to learn about actually fighting for it.

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