RAW STORY – This Republican Jew is fighting to defend American Muslims — here’s why


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An interview with Mikey Weinstein by Valerie Tarico

“Christian dominionists, like Daesh [ISIS], see themselves as part of a Holy War. Some see the U.S. army as an army of Christian soldiers and even say so. We’ve had to fight to get Bible verses off of weapons and to stop soldiers in uniform from handing out Christian tracts in the Middle East. We have fought over and over to get crusader imagery off of U.S. military insignias. There was a marine squadron in South Carolina with VMFA-122 who had the crusader shield with a red cross on it as their symbol. At Fort Rucker still there is a regiment whose symbol is a cross on a white shield with a helicopter (E company 1st battalion, 212th aviation regiment). It’s a training squadron and it’s at a place where we train helicopter pilots from Islamic nations, like Jordan. Think about that.”

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  1. jimbo

    Warning: Raw Story and other sites referenced all use the ‘moderating’ service Disqus. In my experience Disqus manipulates and censors comments in support of christianist ideas, the same ideas Mikey Weinstein works so hard at defining and profiling. I just made comments to a post from the Huffington Post that were censored even as I made them, and the original post on Facebook (also infected) was deleted from my sight. I have been donating to the MRFF for several years and I consider Mikey Weinstein a national hero. Our freedoms are being stolen from the inside, with organizations like disqus acting as Trojan Horses waiting to infect our discourse when the next presidential election is stolen. If you link to sites like Raw Story that use Disqus any comments you read, and any comments you may make can be manipulated and censored, in favor of christianist (dominionist) lies and propaganda. These are the same forces that create the U.S. Constitution-busting in the Unites States Military. It is time for our leaders to understand the nature and depth of the threat, and begin to address it. Else theocracy.

  2. jimbo

    I call on all sites that use Disqus to explain why they use a site like Disqus when there is so much evidence that Disqus is in itself a danger to our Constitution. As before I apologize for my intrusion here, but it is the same fight, and I’m not allowed to express my views on Disqus infected sites, including Facebook. My voice has been taken away. Stealing our next presidential election is the holy grail for these christianist organizations with a republican president our Constitution will be in severe danger through who it puts on the Supreme Court, with theocracy democracy is over.

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