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Military personnel can believe anything they want to privately.  In uniform, in public, their private beliefs cannot intrude into their public responsibilities.  Cadets at the several military academies have little private life.  They live “in uniform” at their academy.  Hence they “always” carry the nation’s secular agenda.  They live a very public life.  They will have more private life after they graduate.

Again, military members including cadets must, with respect to religion, behave in public aligned with the national secular agenda.  When wearing their public hat, they must not allow their private beliefs to interfere with their public responsibilities.  When in uniform and in public, they represent the US Gov’t’s secular policy.  That is one of a cadet’s public responsibilities.

“I’ll fight for our country, but not for your god,”

M. Gray


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  1. Connie

    Thank you for posting. 🙂

  2. Yeshua Warrior

    God before Government, always!!

  3. Mark Sebree

    M. Gray –

    You have my thanks for posting as well. Very well said.

    YW –
    “God before Government”, NEVER!

    I do not want my government preferring your deity, ESPECIALLY the way that you represent your deity. The US Government is superior to your religion because your religion applies ONLY to you, while our government applies to everyone.

    And lay off the logical fallacies that you so commonly include in your replies, like appeals to fear, appeals to belief, appeals to popularity, and appeals to antiquity. Your threats do not scare me, and your unsupported appeals do not impress me.

  4. Yeshua Warrior

    Well Mark,

    Jesus Christ is superior to any government on earth, and one day He will return, and this Jewish Messiah will rule the world from His throne in Jerusalem, and all men and women will have to bow their knees before Him!

  5. Mark Sebree


    And you did exactly what I told you not to do. All you post is a string of logical fallacies, appeal to belief and appeal to fear in this case. Not only does that show poor reading skills, but your repeated use of the same logical fallacies shows a general inability to think critically and independently.

    Your deity is NOT superior to any government in the world, and is fact inferior to all of them. Your deity will never “rule the world” because the figure is mythological. And I have no reason to “bow [my] knees” to any figment of your imagination. You cannot even show OBJECTIVELY that your deity or your “messiah” even exists, yet you keep threatening people with him when ever you are questioned or backed into a corner, which is often.

    We don’t care about your beliefs, your empty threats, or your autocratic, theocratic desires for world domination. Every good, patriotic American will fight against your desire to destroy our country, whether with words or with arms. You have no power over us, and your beliefs and delusions have no power over anyone except yourself.

  6. Connie

    Thank you Mark for your rational logical responses. I know on more than one occasion you have broadened my mind, a gift that keeps on giving.

    I hope I may return the favor one day. 🙂

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