CHRISTIAN POST – Christian Army Colonel Under Fire for Promoting God, Prayer on Gov’t Website

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  1. jimbo

    This person is what I call a ‘christianist’, one who in this case for example, knows fully well his position relative to the Constitution, yet he persists in violating his obligation to this nation. He’s a dominionist, his gods come before his obligation to the U.S. Constitution, he is obligated by his gods to convert others, and as a dominionist he will lie, hate murder and commit war to do so. His role in violating the Constitution is case in point, he is using his position to proselytize, as such he is lying and misleading. Take one look at the mail MRFF gets from these people, some of it is pure hatred, case in point. I don’t hear any rushing out to say this is not who we are, there is silence. As for murder, well, shooting doctors in the back for Jesus is murder. War? the attempt at proselytizing the military, to make ‘crusaders’, answers that. This is reality. This is what Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF are contesting. What bothers me about all this is that these people in my opinion are not Christians, lying hating murder and war are tools of devils (if they existed). I think it is important that Real Christians begin to understand what dominionists are doing in the name of Real Christians, and put an end to it. This is tough stuff, but it is truth, and in my opinion it is time this nation address it for what it is, an attempt to overcome separation of church and state and establish a theocracy, which will be the end of this nation.

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