How Donald Trump Gets Elected

Trump promises America that he will blind gag and deport Mickey Wiensteen to ISIS on his First Day as President.
Trump promises America that he will outlaw the MFFR on his Second Day as President.
Trump promises that he will deport Bonny Wiensteen and the Wiensteen children to ISIS on his Third Day as President.
Trump promises that he will jail for life all MFFR workers and supporters on his Forth Day as President.
Trump rests on his Fifth Day because he gets all the important stuff done 2 days faster than God.

(name withheld)


Observer12 at fake address is a bigoted, boneheaded, myopic, clueless fool.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisos)




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1 Comment

  1. Mark Sebree

    You cannot deport American Citizens, which Mikey is. You are also advocating suppression of the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association from the First Amendment. You are also violating the Constitutional Due Process Guarantees, which means that Mikey should stand trial before he is exiled. (which is what you seem to want to do to him because he opposes the religious conversion and subjugation of the US military)

    I guess you really don’t like the US Constitution very much since you want to deny him and his family access to so many of their rights. If you don’t like our country so much that you want to tear up its founding document and shred our government and our rights, perhaps you are the one that should leave the USA, and let the rest of us work on trying to make sure that everyone has access to all the rights that we are supposed to be entitled to.

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