Letter from a MRFF supporter to Dr. Franklin Graham

Dr. Franklin Graham

Samaritan’s Purse

PO Box 3000

Boone, NC 28607

Dear Dr. Graham:

I’m writing today to respond to your recent speech that decried the Mikey Weinstein Military Religious Freedom Foundation. You contended that young football players at the USAF Academy should be free to kneel down in a circle before a football game if they wished.

I can tell that you have never been in the military, have you? If you had been in military service you would know that NOTHING in the military is entirely free will. I enlisted in the US Air Force Cadet Corps in November, 1954. That made me technically a Korean War vet, although the Armistice had already been signed. At the end of about 1.5 years of boot camp (the USAF calls it “pre-flight”), you get your Navigator Wings and a 2nd Lt. commission, and go fly for the minimum enlistment of 4 years.

The Cadet Corps is much like the 4 years of service at the US Air Force Academy. At the Academy, there are several years of Underclassmen and women, and two years as Upperclassmen. What you CLEARLY don’t understand is the social culture of that training organization. All cadets carry ranks, in our Navigation school, designated by shoulder epaulets. In the underclass, you follow the orders of the Upperclass. Part of the duty of the Upperclass is to put all of the Underclass under serious stress, deprivation of sleep, difficult physical exercise, mental tension.

If an Upperclassman came up behind me, and shouted, “Cadet Minck!,” I was required to stop anything I was doing, stand and come to ATTENTION, in a full BRACE. That means rigid posture, and he might then face me to ask questions, to see if I answered with the proper words. In the humid Texas days, sweat might pour from our fingertips. At communal meals, there were 6 Underclass cadets per table, with an Upperclassman at the head. You sat at attention at the table, adjusting your chair by putting one fist at your abdomen and the other fist at your spine, to space yourself properly from the table. You sat upright and stared straight ahead. You filled your fork by gazing downwards, without moving your head.

You were sure not to take too big a piece of food, because if the Upperclassman saw this, he might call your name. In that case, you were allowed THREE chews and ONE swallow, before you turned your head toward him, and shouted, “Yes Sir!” Are you getting the idea? This was brutal personal interactions. At night, part of the training was sleep deprivation, a couple of Upperclassmen might come in the barracks at 1 am, and yell, “AIR RAID, everybody under their bunks. Perhaps 2 hours later, another pair of Upperclassmen would come in and yell, “Flood, everybody on the upper bunks.”

This was authorized personal intimidation. Every person who undergoes boot camp has gone through some version of this process. It tends to weed out people who don’t have a true calling. In a few cases, when certain personalities don’t fit that template, it is used to put so much stress on a weak personality that they just give up and resign. In my USAF flight, I think two young men resigned out of about 100. It has been 71 years, so my memory isn’t perfect anymore.

Now, imagine that you are a cadet at the Air Force Academy, and understand that for decades, the Fundamentalist Christian community has infiltrated the middle and upper regular officer ranks throughout the school. This includes the Tactical Officers as well as all levels of school staff, professors, etc. Many of those officers are so-called Dominionists, who see the Christian proselytizing of young people as their personal mission.

Now mix in brand new recruits, who learn quickly to do as they are told. They learn that the central strategy of a military school is to build teamwork. You literally don’t have a MIND OF YOUR OWN ANYMORE. You are a cog in the Air Force wheel, of its worldwide fighting mission. It has to be this way, to make a serious fighting machine.

As the cadet/student advances in grade and rank, the men and women take on management roles, in their disciplining and training of the Underclass. It takes an unusual personality to NOT bend to “suggestions” that they join the team at Church services. There is another unwritten rule in the service. If the Commander expresses some goal as a “desire,” that is to be taken as an ORDER.

So, Reverend Graham, do you honestly think that all of those young men, kneeling at the goal end of the football field in prayer, are doing it because EVERY ONE wants to? If so, you are a fool, and have never been in the military social system. It is especially egregious to realize that the USAF management in DOD has been trying for years to eliminate the intimidations and pressure that Fundamentalist Christians in the service are doing to young recruits. There are written regulations to guide the policy, but the middle command is relentless in their mission to proselytize.

You should remain silent in situations where you don’t know what you are talking about.


(name withheld)

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  1. Alamaine

    When I was in high school (late 1960ies), I learned that football was actually a pagan fertility rite, something having to do with the egg and all of the male entities swarming to gain control over the egg (ball). Over the years, my view has not been changed and I continue to see strapping males chasing after something that allow one of them to get the the big “score.” With this view in mind, I find it interesting that any of the “Christian” folks would try to integrate their religious mythology into this sport … no less interesting than them having put their faith veneer on other pagan observances like the 25th of December^ and the astronomically determined day of the big egg hunt in the Springtime.

    Funny how the Air Force Academy is well-known for its chapel but the Fundies* across I-25 from the USAFA have to impose themselves by invading the Falcon’s stadium. Understandably, the “free will” argument is no longer valid once the socio-political forces create an environment wherein those who do not participate are thought to be outcasts. Using motivated future military members to instill some form of “team spirit” is opportunistic considering the focus of the Academy undergraduates, they who will do – as “Cadet Minck” indicates – anything to ensure their continued success in their endeavors to become commissioned officers. The unfortunate thing is that these youngsters are learning to support and defend the Constitution while being encouraged to ignore it. And to ignore the Biblical teachings, as well!**

    When the faithful are confusing their various devotions, it’s not unexpected that those who’ve made a career out of being mixed up will voice their irrationalisations and attempt to influence the most vulnerable.

    ^ http://www.simpletoremember.com/vitals/Christmas_TheRealStory.htm
    * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focus_on_the_Family
    ** http://biblehub.com/matthew/6-6.htm

  2. Yeshua Warrior

    I like how the writer of this letter states ” the Fundamentalist Christian community has infiltrated the middle and upper regular officer ranks throughout the school.” I like that word infiltrate, makes it sound like we are spies. Hey maybe we can start calling ourselves “Covert Operatives for Jesus.”

    What the writer does not realize is that we have “infiltrated” all aspects of society. There are Evangelical Christians and Messianic Jews who are presidents of large banks and corporations, news media personalities, professional sports athletes, we are major motion picture execs and producers, senators and representatives in all levels of federal and state legislatures, court judges, police officers and fire fighters, doctors and nurses, college professors and deans, elementary and high school teachers and principals. we sit on public and private school boards, high school coaches, oh yeah, FBI agents too, one is a personal friend of mine! And this is not just here in the United States but in countries all around the world with one single purpose, to be as Jesus said “salt and light” to the world, sharing the love of Jesus and the Gospel with as many people as we can before it is too late!

    So face it, we are hear to stay, we are not going anywhere. Oh yeah, we are also airline pilots and flight attendants, so the next time you fly, your flight attendant may be a Christian or that person sitting next you may be a Covert Operative for Jesus, and they have you as a captive audience for there is no where to do at 30,000 ft. 🙂

  3. Yeshua Warrior

    These are the verses I am claiming this year against MRFF:

    Isaiah 41:11-13 English Standard Version (ESV)

    11 Behold, all who are incensed against you
    shall be put to shame and confounded;
    those who strive against you
    shall be as nothing and shall perish.
    12 You shall seek those who contend with you,
    but you shall not find them;
    those who war against you
    shall be as nothing at all.
    13 For I, the Lord your God,
    hold your right hand;
    it is I who say to you, “Fear not,
    I am the one who helps you.”

  4. Yeshua Warrior

    May I be found Guilty before the world and all the haters of God and Jesus Christ!


  5. Miriam Ben-Shalom

    To Yeshua Warrior: We do not hate Christians, we just hate it that you force your beliefs on the rest of us, Why do Dominionist Christians have to be so very obstreperous about their religion? So blatant? You certainly have the right to your religion–but I have the right to be free of it and not have it forced down my throat. I would never ever consider being a Christian because of the unkindness, close-mindedness, and forcefulness of people in your ranks. It is a shame that you insist upon flaunting your beliefs and forcing others to do so or having to fear retribution because they do not march to your drummer. Wow, people: that’s a really kind belief: NOT.

  6. G

    YW, people are leaving the various Christian denominations at a pheromonal rate in the USA and in Europe. The reasons are various; however, I suspect the Europeans are dropping out because they know that God did not give them free/affordable healthcare and education, excellent working and living conditions, good wages and unions, and excellent retirement systems. They also probably leaving because religion is not meeting their spiritual, individual, and societal needs plus seeing all the wars that were spawn by religion and the abuse by the religious leaders that don’t promote science, education, etc.

    Americans are leaving religion because religion has not helped them when they are unemployed, underemployed, can’t get a good paying job plus the sexual abuse by the Church leaders and the religious leaders tieing their personal and professional fortunes to the corporate leaders.

    I prefer to read a book or play a computer game than listen to some Christian trying to convert me. If the pilot and or flight attendant tries to use his/her communication system to convert the people to Christianity, he/she better be prepared to lose his/her job.

    You are going to have a lot of people who will be prepared to fight the Christians in all those areas you mention and they will be here to stay and not go away. If cops, judges, and district attorneys are so Christians, then why did they not stop the KKK and protect the Afro-Americans, labor unions, striking workers, and civil right organizations and protestors on the streets? Yeah, we all know about their “love” to their fellow citizens.

  7. G

    YM, I preferred the Satanic precepts like if someone is ungrateful for your help, then you should cut your losses with them and move on. Or not to bother people unless they attack, and then you are free to defend yourself and go after them compare to the Christian view of turning the other cheek. Or that the struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions. You can’t say that about Christians and their leaders helping striking workers, fighting for free/affordable education and healthcare, etc.

  8. Yeshua Warrior

    Dear Miriam, that is a good name, the same name as the mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    We are so blatant because Jesus was so blatant. He was considered a radical in his time and got all the Jewish religious leaders ticked off at Him, why, because He told them that He was the Jewish Messiah, and because He said that He was the way, the truth, and the life, that no man comes to the Father but through Him!

    We are also so blatant because Christ’s last command to us and His disciples and followers was to go into all the world and preach the gospel, to make disciples of all the nations. We are to bring in the lost sheep into His kingdom, especially the lost sheep of the house of Israel.


  9. G

    Well said, Miriam.

    YW, Jesus said preach the gospel; however, he did not say to shove it down people’s throat or use violence means to force people to convert. If God gave us the ability to have free will, then we should have the right to reject to being converted to any other religion or to even drop out of our own religion; otherwise, why did he give us free will in the first place?

  10. Connie

    YW said – “So face it, we are hear to stay, we are not going anywhere. Oh yeah, we are also airline pilots and flight attendants, so the next time you fly, your flight attendant may be a Christian or that person sitting next you may be a Covert Operative for Jesus, and they have you as a captive audience for there is no where to do at 30,000 ft. :-)”

    Grammar nazi issue – YW ` It’s here, not hear.

    At every opportunity YW illustrates his war like stance against the rest of humanity.

    I must be honest and admit that I read YW’s comment yesterday and the last bit quoted had me walking very fast with the dogs at potty outside. What triggered me so? The words ‘a captive audience’ and then he smiled. Every rape trigger in my body is tripped at YW’s repeated, double downed, and willfully evil disrespect of another person. “Captive”. So good to know my needs are second to his, that I am worthless unless converted to his brand of poison.

    YW – here is my double down. I view you as a spiritual rapist, a terrorist, and a traitor to the democracy that is the USA. You may have been in the military but you, preacher man, are not loyal to the country. This is war – a war to stop theocrats such as yourself from taking over our government. Traitor. Yep, those shoes fit you based on the words you have commented here.

  11. Yeshua Warrior

    Wow Connie, grammar Nazi issue, all because I used the wrong word, who died and made you an English teacher?

    You make a big deal about nothing regarding a word, cannot you take a joke? You mean you have never heard the phrase a captive audience before? Good grief lighten up! “An evil disrespect for another person, a bit melodramatic don’t you think? You know who had a “captive audience” was the Apostle Paul. He was chained between two Roman Centurians in prison, and he shared the Gospel with them and they could not go anywhere, because it was their duty to guard their prisoner. 🙂 Smiley Face!

    Another person more recent who has a captive audience is Pastor Saeed Abedini, and Iranian American pastor who has been imprisoned on false charges in Evin prison, the worst prison in Iran. He has been tortured and not allowed to eat at times since 2012. Iran says that they will let him go if he would deny Christ, and he won’t, in fact, he has led many of his fellow prisoners there to Christ. He is a modern day Apostle Paul! So, talk about a “captive audience.”

    If you have a “rape trigger” just over the word captive, then Connie, you need serious counseling and inner healing.

    You call me a “spiritual rapist” wow, then let me ask, whose “spiritual vagina” am I sticking my “spiritual penis” into and ejaculating my “spiritual semen” into to relieve myself? Sorry for being so graphic, but did that to point out the ridiculousness of your statement. I seen you have learned well at the knee of your guru Mikey Weinstein, because doesn’t he use that phrase often.

    Connie, you do not know me well when you say that I am not loyal to my country. I bleed Marine red and gold as I am the son and nephew of Marine WWII vets now deceased, I fly my American flag on the wall outside my cubicle at work and I fly the flag of Israel inside my cubicle, for I also bleed blue and white the colors of the Israeli flag.

    No, you are not worthless either, otherwise, Christ would not have come down from heaven, been born as a baby, became a man and suffered the pain and torture of a Roman cross all because He loves you too much to see you go to hell for your sins!

    Once again, God’s laws always trump man’s laws. As the saying goes, “I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world, than to to stand with the world and be judged by God.”

    I leave you with this music video which sums up how I feel and dedicate it to all the AFA football players and every Christian who has been persecuted by the laws of man! Even Jesus said, “men will hate you, because they first hated Me.” When it comes right down to it, you hate Jesus along with every other person affiliated with MRFF all the way to Mikey Weinstein.



  12. G

    “Connie, you do not know me well when you say that I am not loyal to my country. I bleed Marine red and gold as I am the son and nephew of Marine WWII vets now deceased, I fly my American flag on the wall outside my cubicle at work and I fly the flag of Israel inside my cubicle, for I also bleed blue and white the colors of the Israeli flag.”

    Oliver North and Admiral Poindexter were disloyal to the country when they did illegal arms dealing with Iran. You are disloyal because you don’t believe that Americans at the low end of the economic scale should not be making $15 an hour considering the fact that prices of goods and services have gone up while wages have been stagnant or cut back. You also don’t believe in charity begins at home considering the fact that you care more for the homeless in Israel than in the USA.

    Archbishop Romero of El Salvador spoke out against poverty, social injustice, assassinations and torture and was killed by his fellow Christians in violation of the 7th Commandment. In addition, you had hundreds of Christians killed in Central and South America when they took to the streets to want political, social, and economic reforms and had to become insurgents in order to bring about change. In addition, they were torture as well, so they were a “captive audience.” So much for the upper and wealthy classes not wanting to be brothers’ keepers.

    If God’s law trumped man’s law, then how come Christians are not following his law? I guess because they don’t believe in God, they think that they are God, are they feel that God will forgive them despite all the horrible things they done to each other and other people of different faith or not faith..

  13. Connie

    YW is a classic example of patriarchy – when I get intense about a subject he brings in the “whoa whoa there little lady, I was just joking” line. I notice he doesn’t try that with any of the men here.

    Feeling special ////snark/////

    Here is the thing – when someone tells me they follow their religion in matters of governing people over the law of the land I’m not laughing. I’m looking at them, wondering why they don’t understand such simple things as church is on one side and state on the other. Add in his delight when called a covert spy for their Lord and suddenly being their captive doesn’t sound so benevolent anymore. Or am I remembering the Salem Witch Trials and the Inquisition again?

    YW is indeed a spiritual rapist – a term I researched before using. He is a gleeful hypocritical misinformed male who has no qualms of squashing anyone’s rights around him to ensure he gets to live as he wants.

    Religion is like a penis – it’s fine you have one but I have troubles when you start waving it about in my face; especially since my first inclination is to bite it off. Don’t want teeth? Well, keep it in your pants. I can get more graphic if you want YW. You started this “lets name the parts of the body” thing. I’m well versed – in many things. Let me know how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.

    Honestly I’m not even mad in writing my comment, just sad that this little man believes he’s doing good when in fact he’s following a false profit (and yes, I spelled profit that way deliberately. Anyone see Dogma?). He had to be trained, no one just blooms this way.

    See, I don’t have to like my fellow citizens but I do have to get along with them. I understand the Constitution is the compromise we accept as citizens to ensure we don’t kill, rob, or maim each other. I’ve said this before, nothing in my stance is new. As for my needing ‘healing’ because I’m triggered by the word captive – I already know YW’s reading comprehension is colored by his preconceived agenda. He’s so busy composing replies in his head he misses vital clues in what the other person is saying.

    Regarding my assertion that everyone in the US should have the same rights, I’ve already heard YW’s take on all animals are created equal but some are more equal than others. He’s mentioned loving the sinner and hating the sin a couple of times on the site. YW, I support your right to believe as you do as long as you also support equal rights for everyone, like gay marriage as an example. Limiting rights because you believe a lifestyle is sinful means you hate the person too, no matter how many times you deny it. Love means raising a person up, not casting them down. At least that’s what I gleaned from the religious readings I’ve done over the years. It’s telling you learned hatred and fighting. Were we reading the same book?

    PS – the only reason YW supports Israel is because he doesn’t get to enjoy his end times if they aren’t in the correct place at the correct time. It’s certainly not because he values them because they are, well, themselves.

  14. Connie

    PS – YW insists Mikey Weinstein is my guru (Per Wikipedia: a Sanskrit term that connotes someone who is a “teacher, guide or master” of certain knowledge. In pan-Indian traditions, guru is someone more than a teacher, traditionally a reverential figure to the student, with the guru serving as a “counselor” who helps mold values, shares experiential knowledge as much as literal knowledge, an exemplar in life, an inspirational source and who helps in the spiritual evolution of a student. The term also refers to someone who primarily is one’s spiritual guide, who helps one to discover the same potentialities that the guru has already realized.)

    Truly the people who inspired me to become me are my own business but I’m willing to share. I’ve read works by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Black Elk, Gandhi, Sagan, Asimov, Heinlein, Dumas, Sartre, Goswami, Franklin – Benjamin that is, Hesse, Nietzsche, Jung, Arthur Clarke, Jefferson, Paine, Krugman, and the list goes on. I’ve developed my world view precisely because I’ve read books from around the world.

    I believe thinking globally but acting locally is the key to the future. The world is a smaller place now that we are all connected by social media. In my childhood talking to a person without a land line phone was the stuff of science fiction, and Skype was only a glint in the eyes of the editors at Amazing Stories. We are living the future. What we make of it is up to us, for the good of all and may it harm none.

  15. Angela Schweig

    CONNIE & G, Yes, “Yeshua Warrior” (who is too cowardly to sign his true name) is a spiritual rapist according to the definition used many times by Mikey Weinstein himself. He seems to have gotten a little too much glee from his inappropriately-placed graphic biological terms. What bothers me most about him – even before his rabid Dominionist exceptionalism – is that he spouts misogynistic bullshit and probably doesn’t even recognize it. Or he recognizes it very well and back pedals quickly when a woman calls him out on it. Mikey Weinstein has never claimed to be a “guru.” He’s just a lawyer trying to assist military personnel who ASK HIM FOR HELP. Yeshua Warrior, on the other hand…well, we know what he is. And I’LL take the hit for being “a grammar Nazi.” I AM an English teacher. His language skills are often atrocious. And, Connie, I approve of your reading list.

  16. Yeshua Warrior

    Mr. G,

    Do you really think that someone who flips burgers all day deserves $15 an hour for doing that? That is double what they make right now, so, according to your thinking then, since I make about $20 dollars an hour working for a major university, then I should then get $40 an hour right?

    G, you sound like you are part of the entitlement generation, “I am entitled to everything, free education, free cell phones, free healthcare. Well G, time to wake up and smell the coffee, none of us is entitled to anything!! This nation was founded on men and women who worked hard for everything they got by the sweat of their brows and breaking their back laboring hard for what they got! Part of the curse that God put on Adam and Eve for committing the original sin, God told Adam, “by the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread.” The reason that burger flippers at McDonald’s make $7.50 is because they call it an entry level position and they know that no one who works there will make that a career.

    People in this country who are bilking the welfare system of millions of dollars who are capable need to get off their butts and stop eating bon bons while watching soap operas everyday, and spot spreading their legs for any man that wants to have sex with them!

    I would say there is only one people group who deserve free healthcare for the rest of their lives and that would be our military veterans and they also deserve a free education for a bachelors degree!

    So Mr. G, time to reach down and pull up your boot straps and go out there and work hard for whatever you want for that is the only way you will earn it and not just giving it to you because you may feel you are entitled to it!

  17. G

    1) Yes, I do believe that fast food workers should be paid $20 dollars an hour since the prices of goods and services plus the basic necessities of life have gone up plus it is very expensive to work your way up the ladder especially in fast food industry. I will say it again that half of the world’s population live on less than $2 per day:

    Here are some links about fast food workers:






    If you want to talk about an entitlement generation, you need to direct that to the wealthy people and corporations (since they are people too). Wealthy people and corporations think that they are entitled to everything and not have to pay for it but pass their financial mistakes on to the rest of us.

    Here are the links regarding who are the welfare cheats and who is actually bilking the system:




    “This nation was founded on men and women who worked hard for everything they got by the sweat of their brows and breaking their back laboring hard for what they got! ”

    If you look at the historical facts of this nation, prior to Great Depression, the American workers busted their backs off but did not get generous wages, an excellent pension system, good living and working conditions, have generous stock options and bonuses. After World War Ii, thanks to strong labor unions, strong labor laws, and the GI Bill and free/affordable education, many workers were able to have a good economic life and good working conditions. Everything change once Reagan became governor of California and later president of the USA.

    Most millionaires today are not self-made and did not break their backs or work their butts off:



    You stated that everyone has a right to be on this planet. Well, if that is so, then everyone is entitled to an affordable/free education, good living and working conditions, affordable free/affordable healthcare. Without a healthy and highly educated, you do not have a strong military plus a strong civilian workforce to back them up. You should not have to join the military to get medicine and an education. If the rest of the population can’t have those two things and other things like a pension system, then neither should military personnel.

    You need to smell the coffee and wake up to reality about all this talk about pulling up by your bootstraps:




    “Part of God’s curse on Adam and Eve” Oh please, why should the rest of us pay for what Adam and Eve had done (provided those two people even existed in the first place)? You and the right wing evangelists and conservatives are manipulating and twisting scriptures from the Bible to distract to what you have done to the world in the name of freedom, capitalism, free market, free enterprise, and religion.

  18. G

    Yes, YW, I believe that people should be making $20 an hour considering the fact that the prices of goods and services have gone up, but not the wages.

    Here are some facts about the fast food workers.





    It is the wealthy people and corporations (since they are people too) that feel that they are entitled to everything and are the ones that are bilking the system:





    Today’s millionaires come from affluent, rich families not poor or even middle-class families:




    Despite the fact that many people work their tails off, 50% or more of the world population still make less than $10 per day:



    You stated that people have a right to be on this planet. Well if that is so, then people do have a right to a decent wage, decent living/working condition, a free/affordable college/vocational education and medical care not just military people. Many people join the military to get an education. If college/vocational was free or affordable, many of these people would not even join the military. If people can’t get a college education and medical care, then the military people should be denied access to those items as well and need to pay for them out of their own pockets in order to pull themselves by their own bootstraps.

    You need to smell the coffee and wake up to reality. Without affordable/free medical care and college, you will not have an educated, healthy workforce to provide recruits for the military and you are going to have violence revolution sooner or later:



    “Part of the curse that God put on Adam and Eve for committing the original sin, God told Adam, “by the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread.””

    The rest of us should not have to pay for what Adam and Eve had done (if those two people had even existed in the first place). It is like blaming the kids for the sins of the parents or blaming the victims of crime for committing the criminal act instead of the criminal or blaming the workers for causing their companies to fail when it was the CEOs and the boards of directors who ran their companies into the ground.

  19. Connie

    Thanks for the information G – it appears you’ve been doing a lot of homework!

    Pulling oneself up by their bootstraps or teaching a person to fish used to be good ideas, at least until all the property became owned by corporations and people who don’t like to share. There are too many people on the planet for the ideas of the past to work in the here/now.

    I see you posted some information from Robert Reich. Like him or not, he is so very correct in his ideas. Thank you again.

    I do wonder what solutions YW would suggest to support people like me – those who want to work but can’t due to factors not of their making. I mean, I didn’t plan a life that would land me here, living in subsidized housing, applying over and over for disability. The safety net doesn’t cover people like me so what am I to do to survive? Employers won’t hire me because I can’t guarantee I can show up when they need me. Nor can I guarantee I will have the energy to complete a shift. It’s a puzzle all right. 🙂 Looking on the positive side, at least I’m no longer homeless. That totally sucked.

    In a previous post YW asked me if I was ready to give my life for Odin – actually I believe he was really rude and said: “Are you willing to give up your life for Oden, that mythical Viking warrior???”

    My reply is it is always a good day to die, but even that choice is taken from me. I’d gladly shuffle off this mortal coil but that makes me suicidal which triggers all kinds of limitations and mental health advocates. The cycle goes something like this:
    What! You don’t want to live?
    Well, no, because I can’t support myself anymore.
    Well, there are lots of reasons to live.
    But I can’t support myself anymore and Social Security Disability says I’m not disabled enough to claim SSD.
    But living is so wonderful and life is beautiful….

    I am very tired of banging my head on the wall which brings me to here/now. But according to YW I’m sitting on my butt eating bonbons and spreading my thighs for anyone and everyone if you believe his stereotypical picture of the poor.

    All it takes to do unspeakable evil is for humans to act believing they are “saving someone’s soul”. I for one am tired of so many concerned about my soul while ignoring the physical necessities of life.

    As for the discussion above – yes, if a person puts in their forty hours then they should be able to live on the wages, no matter if they sweep the streets or are the head of a corporation. I don’t know why this idea is radical as it seems to be common sense to me. Oh well, people used to believe the world was flat which was “common sense” too.

  20. G

    Dear Connie:

    First of all, you are welcome.

    Secondly, YW seems to be stuck in the 1950s and 1960s where it was possible in America to work yourself out of poverty. He also failed to get the point that none of us were asked to be brought into this world.

    Thirdly, here are some videos and articles regarding basic minimum income that every person should get whether they work or not:







    Of course, you will have guys and gals like YW who will fight against this kind of thing because it will affect his own pocketbooks.

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