MRFF CLIENT REPORT – The MRFF Schooled Our USAF Commander

NOTE: This MRFF victory comes on the heels of an Op-Ed penned by MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein entitled “Military Tyrant Abuses Subordinates For Jesus”, which itself was written after 8 USAF MRFF clients reached out to our foundation regarding their Commander’s illicit proselytizing 

To: Mr. Mikey L. Weinstein

MRFF President and Exec. Dir.

Fm: 8 USAF Officers Who Requested Help

Subject: Appreciation For MRFF’s Effective Intervention

Sir, I am one of the MRFF’s 8 USAF officer-clients on the situation with our new Commander who introduced himself at our first staff meeting recently as “I am always a devoted Christian first and foremost”. Our Commander (name and rank withheld) was also the subject of your 22 January 16 published news article “Military Tyrant Abuses Subordinates For Jesus”.

(Full Disclosure: I am not the same MRFF officer-client who you spoke with last week on the phone. And who sent in the original e-mail asking for MRFF’s help. I am one of the other 7 USAF officers in our group of 8. I asked from the others for the OK to be the one to write this to you on behalf of us all. They agreed.)

Earlier (date and time withheld) our Commander summoned us all for an unscheduled “behind closed doors” meeting. He said he had seen the news article from you Mr. Weinstein. We owe it to our (USAF unit designation withheld)’s awesome (unit senior enlisted USAF position title withheld) who managed to make sure that our Commander saw and read your article. (And that by the way is another very interesting story for another day!)

(Commander’s name and rank withheld) then said the following “Top Ten” statements. As best as I can recall from the notes I took:

1. He was “pretty shocked and disappointed” to read the article from “the well known liberal activist” Mr. Weinstein. He also reminded us that you were “either Jewish or an atheist or both which is fine by me”. Seriously? He then said he has a few things to say and then we could reply if we wanted to at the end.

2. He was well aware of the MRFF and that it is “a very controversial and some say even dangerous organization”. That has been accused for many years of “brutally targeting Christians unfairly.”

3. He said he especially knew this as since he was a member (“since I was a cadet at USAFA”) of the *Officers Christian Fellowship “which the MRFF has especially targeted for it’s anger.”

4. He said after reading the article from the MRFF’s Mr. Weinstein (he described you as “a very angry man on a very angry mission”) that he had consulted with our JAGs chaplains and his own chain of command on “your complaints” about what he had said regarding “my personal Christian faith” at that original staff meeting.

5. He said that he was “previously unaware of certain AF regulations and legal court rulings on this matter as detailed in Mr. Weinstein’s news article.”

6. He said he only mentioned his strong Christian faith to us so that all of us would know that he was “a truly ethical man” and that he thought he had made it clear that he wasn’t trying to force us to also be Christians. He asked us “how many unethical true Christians do you know?” And then seemed to realize that he shouldn’t maybe have said that now. Seriously?

7. He also said that his decision to start all staff meeting with a silent devotional prayer “was not meant to intimidate us all to offer only Christian prayers.” He said that “other religions’ prayers would have been acceptable.” Again he seemed to suddenly realize that he maybe also should not have said that one here and now. Seriously?

8. BOTTOMLINE! He said that after consulting with everyone he mentioned before to us about his prior religious statements he wanted to offer “a sincere apology to the entire staff. “(This actually shocked us!)

9. He said that he now understands better “the limits on Air Force workplace religious expression as it has been explained to me”. He told us that he “had fallen short of what USAF regs and the laws required of him” regarding his “simple offers of Christian faith testimony” and that it would not happen again.

10. He said that he would rescind his directive to start every staff meeting in “a silent devotional prayer”. Instead he said we’d now have “a moment of silent reflection to remember our war dead.” He said he was really concerned that noone felt they could have come to him with these complaints instead of going outside of the USAF to the MRFF. Seriously?

(Commander’s name and rank) then asked for “any comments.” He looked at each of us in the room starting with me. The room was totally quiet. There was a lot many of us could have and would have liked to have said. Like how all 8 of us who asked for the MRFF’s help are also Christians like our Commander is. We also could have jacked him up about how he had wrongly disparaged the MRFF and you Mr. Weinstein. None of us said anything. But him and all of us know that none of this apology stuff etc. from (Commander’s name and rank withheld) would have ever happened. If the MRFF did not do what it did. He then dismissed us all. He looked like he was very uncomfortable. Embarrassed and pissed at the same time. And he wonders why none of us wanted to come to him to confront him?

Later that day our (unit senior enlisted USAF position title withheld) told us that (Commander’s name and rank withheld) had gotten “his ass kicked hard” by his own boss’s reporting official over all of this. We asked him how the senior leadership had even found out about it and (unit senior enlisted advisor’s name withheld) just smiled back at us. And said “how do you think?” Ha Ha!

Here’s what we all think Mr. Weinstein. All 8 of us really want to super thank you and the MRFF for being there and doing what you all do. Before our chain of command can expect those of us junior in it to stand up for themselves they should make for damn sure that they know the AF regs and the law. Our Commander’s excuses that he said and did what he did at that first staff meeting only because he didn’t know these things is his fault and not ours.

Thank you all at the MRFF so much. For the studly work you badasses do!


(USAF Officer’s name, rank, AFSC, unit and military installations withheld)

*Full Disclosure: Me and my roommate were also in the OCF at the AF Academy for over a year and found it to be so off-the hook wrong on pretty much everything that we quit in distaste after our (number withheld) year.

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  1. greenharper

    Terrific work!

    Every bit helps.

  2. Tom

    What a great result. I had a similar result years ago when I called Mikey. What a relief to know that if I ever again face a situation where a commander coerces their spiritual view on their subordinates, I have a powerful friend who can make it stop. Three cheers for the constitution and AFI 1-1 !

  3. Holly

    Glad the effort paid off and I admire 1) the courage of the subordinates to do the right thing and 2) having a resource (MRFF) for them to go to.

    Way to go, classmate.

  4. Betty Jean Myers

    I am a real admirer your work and of you. The AFA has been a den of “Christian” bullying. I feel so sorry for what these cadets have endured and so grateful that they had the good sense to contact you. Thank you. (I’m a 75 year old woman who had no patients with bulling of any kind, especially the “Christian” kind.)

  5. Betty Jean Myers

    Thanks again.

  6. G

    Hey, Yeshua Warrior, another hard core Christian bits the dust. Praise be, Praise be. Where was God’s protection in protecting that commander from the MRFF?

  7. Yeshua Warrior


    He has not bitten the dust, he is still in his command!

  8. Susan Emmett

    This is just TOO delicious!! One of the best victories you’ve had in all the years I’ve been aware of your work. I have to tell you that I talk about this issue (Christianity shoved down the throats of our servicemen) whenever I get a chance to add to a conversation, and not look like a zealot! Kudos for all you and your staff accomplish.

  9. G

    YW, the commander may still be in command; however, his attempt to push his religious belief and values on other people have bitten the dust because they have been buried six feet under. If the commander got a letter of reprimand, then his career has also bite the dust and buried six feet under. In the last 70 years, even a minor thing like a less than perfect officer/NCO performance evaluation or a minor punishment like a letter of reprimand will bury your career. And if you are married, there is a saying in the military, a military wife may not make you, but she can break you.

  10. Yeshua Warrior

    Mr. G,

    I can attest that this commanders wife, if married, will stand behind him and give him her full support if she is committed to Christ as he is!

  11. G

    YW, do you have a direct line to the commander to back up your statement. Whether she stands by him or not, if he has a reprimand letter in his file, his career is over unless he has plenty of higher ups who can prevent that from happening.

  12. Yeshua Warrior

    Mr. G,

    No I do not have a direct line to the commander, but I know any godly woman and wife will stand by her man!! If she does not then she is in violation to the Word of God!

  13. G

    What violation would that be YW? Let your woman be silence and that your husband can do anything he wants to do with you including rape?

    BTW, the filmmakers who tried to get Planned Parenthood shut down in Texas are facing felony charges for trying to buy human tissues from that organization and several states have found that Planned Parenthood is innocent of selling human tissues for profit:

  14. Yeshua Warrior


    Wherever do you get that idea, that Christian husbands can rape their wives? Why don’t you ask a Muslim about that instead! And about that woman be silent, maybe you should study more about Jewish customs in the the 1st century. Paul in his admonition to husbands and wives in Ephesians 5:22-33, there is no mention by Paul that women are to be silent in the marriage.

    Regarding the filmmakers, something smells awe fully fishy when the judge is a pro-choice, pro-Planned Parenthood judge. Liberty Institute will defend them and win with no charges against them. The videos which were proven authentic prove without a doubt that PP was selling baby organs and harvesting them even while the baby was alive. All PP doctors and nurses should be prosecuted for murder and given the needle and their bodies cremated!

    Oh yes G, if there was no God, then there would be no atheists, so atheists have to borrow from God to prove there is no God.

  15. G – about women being silenced, but then again many right wing evangelists would like to expand it for women being silence at home and at work.

    Here is about raping of women not just wives in the Christian Bible:

    “Regarding the filmmakers, something smells awe fully fishy when the judge is a pro-choice, pro-Planned Parenthood judge. Liberty Institute will defend them and win with no charges against them. The videos which were proven authentic prove without a doubt that PP was selling baby organs and harvesting them even while the baby was alive. All PP doctors and nurses should be prosecuted for murder and given the needle and their bodies cremated!”

    You need to asks if the Texas prosecutor is pro-choice, pro-Planned person as well since he is the one that brought the criminal charges against the filmmakers as well. Why don’t you see if the grand jury members were pro=choice, pro-Planned people since they agreed with the prosecutor brought to them?. Without district attorneys, civil and criminal cases do not come before a judge, let along a grand jury Well, the judges on the Supreme Court are pro-business people who have voted against the interests of the American workers and customers so we all know how the cases will be decided in whose favor.

    The videos were proven that they were heavily edited to make it look like Planned Parenthood were selling human tissues. In addition, the filmmakers were trying to bribe the PP personnel with money to buy the tissues which is a felony, using a fake driver license, and finally, inventing tissue procurement companies to gain access healthcare providers in order to produce these anti-abortion videos.

    Congress and several state governments under Republican governors have launched investigations into PP and found no evidence at all of them selling human tissues for money, so your arguments are null and void.

    “Oh yes G, if there was no God, then there would be no atheists, so atheists have to borrow from God to prove there is no God.”

    Why don’t you prove that the Roman gods, Greek gods, and all the other gods were not in existence or had existed; otherwise, we do we study them in school when looking at other cultures and put them in our movies and TV shows? Remember the 1990’s TV show Hercules with Kevin Sorbo, and the 1950s Hercules movies with Steve Reeve?

    “If there were no gods, then we would have no Jews, Muslims, Christians, and all the followers of the other gods as well; however, people would probably still be praying to things like the Sun and the Moon for a good harvest, a prosperous year, curing someone of their ailments, etc.

  16. G

    ‘Liberty Institute will defend them and win with no charges against them.”

    Gee, why not have God come down and defend them instead of a lawyer since we all know overall you can’t trust lawyers? Why not pray to God to deliver them from the judge and jury?

  17. RickG

    Quote: “Oh yes G, if there was no God, then there would be no atheists, so atheists have to borrow from God to prove there is no God.”

    That has to be the dumbest statement in the entire history of the universe. For starters no one is trying to disprove your god, we’re still waiting (after 2000+ years) for you to produce credible evidence that there is a god.

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