THE BLAZE – Following Backlash, U.S. Air Force Academy Allows Football Players to Pray on the Field

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  1. DrAddiction13

    These young men are putting their lives on the line and should be allowed to Pray…Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Mormon, Wicca. I’m sorry, but it is none of your damn business – or mine.

  2. jimbo

    Nobody is saying they can’t pray. What’s being said is they can’t pray as a public display in uniform. The real problem is the willingness of the christianist effort that lies and misinforms, in face of the obvious, that the U.S. Constitution is clear in it’s intentions. In fact that effort exactly fits the dominionist profile, lie, hate (muslim, atheist, black, gay, on and on), murder (Oklahoma City, Dr. Till) and war (preparation for the end times). Dominion gods demand that effort of its adherents, lie, hate, murder and war, all tools of the devil, to gain power to convert the other. It is time for this nation if it to survive to address the efforts of these traitors and take steps to address them. If this is harsh, it is the truth.

  3. Yeshua Warrior

    How Jimbo, you have been drinking some serious liberal and atheist kool-aid there buddy!

    Christians do not hate Muslims, atheists, blacks, gays and on and on, nor were Christians responsible for Oklahoma City or Dr. Till or desiring war. However, in the end times, the bible says that all the nations of the earth will converge upon Jerusalem to make war with Israel, at which time Christ will return with all of us Christians and Messianic Jews, and He will destroy all the nations assembled who wanted to attack Israel. Now that will be a blood bath the world has never seen. It will teach the nations not to mess with Israel or the God of Israel!!

  4. Connie

    Captain Obvious says YW accuses others of drinking “the kool-aide” when he’s slugging the scotch. That’s the only reason I can imagine for his willful dismissal of historical fact.

    I’m on my cell so unable to provide citations. I take it there are actual people who read this site that lived through the events and remember motivations. Perhaps they can chime in to either prove or disprove YW’s hypothesis.

  5. G

    “Christians do not hate Muslims, atheists, blacks, gays and on and on, nor were Christians responsible for Oklahoma City or Dr. Till or desiring war.”

    YW, look at the historical facts of the world and then come back and tell us that Christians especially right wing Christians don’t hate anyone, didn’t kill Dr. Tiller, or desire war after you sobbed up from drinking provided of course, your little grey cells have not been destroyed by all that booze

  6. G

    It is our business since they are violating the separation of state and church plus we are subsidising their education, paying their wages, giving them medical care at taxpayers’ expense when many of our own citizens can’t afford even basic medicine, etc.

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