2/29/16 TODD STARNES FOX NEWS – Bible removed from POW/MIA display inside VA clinic

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  1. Connie

    I must confess to flunking English grammar and essay writing twice… no wait – three times. Once in High School, and twice in college (different schools). That said perhaps someone can help me understand why Todd Starnes is allowed to state at the beginning of his article that only the MRFF had an issue with the Bible (a dubious claim he writes) on the MIA table and then not even half a page down later he writes that the Commander removed the Bible after discussions with volunteers because several veterans had expressed concern.


    I don’t like Mr Starnes, I find him to be factually challenged and a spreader of gossip – both items to be avoided at all costs. I will not click on any more of his garbage.

    I looked at the picture of the table in the article. The Commander did the correct thing. No way is there enough room for a representation of no faith or every faith. Need a freaking library next to the table…. pretty sure the VA doesn’t have the space.

    Todd makes how much and I have a black eye on my academic record? This world…

  2. G

    “Many have died to protect the right of Americans to have and read the Bible. Surely we can honor their sacrifice by allowing a Bible at their table of remembrance.”

    And many veterans have died so the rest of us don’t have to have and read the Bible if we don’t want to let alone have religion shoved down our throat

    ““The Bible represents faith in a higher power and the pledge to our country, founded as one nation under God,” the Navy ceremony text reads.”

    And the phrase “one nation under God” has been part of the Pledge of Allegiance for only 62 years. It was added to the pledge in 1954 during the Cold War era to prove that we were better than the godless, atheist Communists.

  3. WFZ

    I have read here I believe that some “alleged” Christians complained about the bible being on the table. Well let me just say, any Christian worth his salt and light would not complain about the Word of God being present. There are some who call themselves Christians but who are not, some because that is what their family believed or if they do not fit into any other religious category, they will think I must be Christian then, Even Mormons think they are Christians but who are not. Maybe that is why Jesus said that when He will return He will separate the sheep from the goats and say unto the goats, depart from me because I never knew you and go into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  4. Angry

    Starnes is a clueless fundie rabble rouser. You did the right thing, Mikey.

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