ARMY TIMES – Religious-freedom group: DoD disclaimer on faith-based fitness messaging falls short

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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    Well Mr. Weinstein, it sucks to be you!! You lose some and you lose some. It is not your right to know what separate agency it was referred to! Reminder, you are no longer in the the military!

  2. G

    The issue is not over, YM, considering the fact that the website is operated by the federal government. Weinstein is not in the military; however, it will not change the fact that he is doing something about Dominionists trying to take over the military and helping to make the USA a religious theocracy state just like you complain about the Muslims.

  3. jimbo

    Mikey has drawn a line in the sand, those who seek to weaken the Constitution have been given notice. If the dominionists win, this nation is over.

  4. jimbo

    Thank you Mikey to you and your organization for restoring my ability to comment.

  5. M. Gray

    This disclaimer doesn’t line up for me. On a public agency web page, a public official can write his or her own religious opinion, add the little disclaimer, and still purport to dispense official policy and position? Just go ahead and taint that position or policy with unofficially sanctioned officially disclaimed religion? That web page instantly loses credibility with me, and presumably lots of other folks. I want untainted info and guidance from my government. And religion will taint anything to ‘disreputable’ faster than anything I can think of. Okay, racism and sexism, too, and political opinions, as well.

    The point is, in my opinion, we need and want and expect untainted messages from our government and its leaders. Giving Col Hundley, and now apparently anyone with a personal agenda, license to advance their own agenda with the protection and authority of their position, tarnishes and diminishes government’s effectiveness and trustworthiness. This little disclaimer is the WRONG response to this constitutional breach.

    “I’ll fight for our country, but not for your god.”

  6. Peter

    YM??? Really, who appointed you a “warrior?” Or should I say anointed? Your use of the English language proves that education was not highly regarded.. As for “yeshua warrior,” what part of Jesus’ teachings advocated WAR??? He was a peaceful person, first and foremost. Kind of like , “military intelligence,” an OXYMORON. As to YW, you epitomize the word, “MORON.”

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