just like paul walker

My husband and me are a navy family and he is in the navy. We will always serve our lord and savior Jesus Christ before anything else we do for the navy or this country. Jesus Christ is the navy and is our country anyway. Jesus Christ is everything and all things must bow to Him.

People with true souls hear His word and know this to be the Truth. Others will perish for not surrendering to the tender mercies of Jesus.

OK but not you mikey wienstein. You are the great evil of our age. The hunter of all those who follow Jesus and wear the proud uniform of the military. You like saul was. He too was a jew who hunted other jew. You hunt only the lovers of Christ. Mikey Mikey why do you persecute us? Acts 22:7

We hope and to pray you have a car crash and burns alive to death in the reck just like paul walker did. Nothing left of burnt smokie mikey to even bury.
You are the evil The Word warns us about. We will not fear you as Jesus protects His flock from steady hunting wolves like you.

(name withheld)


(name withheld), you poor thing. It’s hard to believe someone who claims to be a Christian could be so pathetically ignorant of Christ’s teachings. Your unfortunate message, complete with its sloppy syntax and ill-chosen, misspelled words, displays your lack of understanding of Mikey and the MRFF. Sadly, it says more about your own incomprehension and confusion than anything else. I wish you peace and comfort in a quiet place where you can take the time to consider yourself and how far you’ve strayed from the Truth you claim to represent.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)





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  1. Yeshua Warrior

    While I renounce and abhor the prayer these so called “Christians” have prayed for Mr. Weinstein, I do agree though that he is like the modern day Saul / Paul who was the greatest Jewish persecutor of believers of his day. The interesting thing though was, the first believers in Jesus were his fellow Jews! Go figure.

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