WASHINGTON FREE BEACON – Air Force Academy Pays for Cadets’ Travel to Pagan Festivals

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  1. Odo

    Gotta love stilted stories like this one which intentionally omit context (because it would hurt the author’s narrative).

    So, this was paid for by the chapel fund, and they spent “hundreds of dollars” to do it. Okay, so what’s the purpose of the chapel fund, and how many dollars were spent on supporting more traditional religions? I suspect the answer is “a lot more money was spent on evangelical causes,” but the author doesn’t address it.

  2. WFZ

    I wonder if the Air Force Academy would pay for Christians cadets to attend a bible conference or worship concert or for Jewish cadets to go on “birthright trip” to Israel?

  3. Connie

    What are you saying WFZ? I don’t want to be accused of putting words in your mouth.

    I would guess a Chapel Fund is used at the discretion of the Chaplains. As for a trip to isreal… Yeah that totally compares to a drive from Colorado Springs to Denver.

    Based on your innuendo I’d have to say you are one of those “everyone is picking on us Christian” types.

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