AMERICANS UNITED – DEBUNKER OF LIES: Chris Rodda Refutes ‘Christian Nation’ Pseudo-Historian David Barton In New Book

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  1. Pr Chris

    I sure appreciate Chris Rodda’s work on the issue of the perennial question: Was the US established as a Christian (religious) nation, or was it founded as an equal opportunity nation where all religions and nations are welcome to become part of it? To argue against David Barton and his ilk represents an esoteric knowledge base that can’t be assimilated in a week or two…Chris’s knowledge and facts represent years of work and are a treasure trove for the rest of us. Thanks for the work you do, Christ. I read Liars vol 1 and am looking forward to getting my hands on vol 2 very soon.


    Pr Chris

  2. Pooka


    Thanks for the work you do, Christ

    Freudian slip.


    From a friend !!!!!!!

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