Re: “BREAKING: FOX News Home Page Features MRFF”

Congratulations to MRFF and the Akron OH Civil Rights group for removal of a bible from a VA display. I am a Sioux Indian, former F-4 Phantom Marine Close Air combat pilot- 110 missions out of Chu Lai RVN. American Indigenous tribal based military have the highest percentage of any Ethnic Identity into the Armed Forces (Sen. Inouye study) and mostly the Airborne or the Marine Corps where both those services will verify how valiantly we serve. Many of us are not Christian and we do not proselytize. Our belief is that a Creator, a Higher Force or whatever you desire to call IT (Not He) is your approach but we do not condone ant attempt to portray their is only ONE religion or Spirituality. U S Government organizations are as MRFF repeatedly states- are breaking the Separation of Church /State Clause (Law) when they do so. Many of we tribal based veterans and active duty personnel have our own spiritual beliefs and ceremonies. They were unconstitutionally banned by unlawful lobbying of over-zealous missionaries on our reservations. Fortunately Martin L. King’s Civil Rights movement legally won back our lawful right to honor our Creator concept- Our Way and not the proselytizing Superstitious White Man’s Way only and which was forced on us through their wretched pedophiling and child raping missionary Boarding Schools.
Ed McGaa, Former Marine Major combat pilot

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  1. Pooka

    Marine —

    Sierra Hotel !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for stepping up !!!!!

  2. Angela Schweig

    Maj. McGaa,
    Thank you for your service.
    As white Catholic, I stand up with you to say that Fr. Junipero Serra was NOT a holy man. He and his companions committed genocide against the indigenous tribal peoples of California, and the “missions” were not educational institutions but slave warehouses. For that he was made a “saint,” and we still telling that insidious lie. I’m so sorry.
    Semper Fi.

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