Praise for MRFF Senior Research Director Chris Rodda’s book, “Liars for Jesus, Volume II”

Dear Chris,

The purpose for this communique is to praise unequivocally your exhaustively researched & indisputably documented work “LIARS FOR JESUS” (Volumes I & II). After over half a century in the military, legal & judicial professions, my wife & I retired & returned to our family ranch in West Texas (a bible-belt bastion). For almost a decade, I have been a “voice crying out in the wilderness” against religious revisionists here contaminating American history with concocted claims about “Christian” nation, founders, non-separation of church & state, etc, ad infinitum. Most use David Barton & his website Wallbuilders as their “authority”. I am also a member of Americans United for Separation of Church & State, American Humanist Association & Freedom From Religion Foundation, all of which provide excellent resources for my columns & commentaries in area newspapers (see attached).

Your work is unquestionably the preeminent refutation of charlatan Barton, others like him & their followers whose religious fanaticism attempts to undermine & destroy the founding history of our constitutional democratic republic & its secular government. It is truly an inspirational & reliable resource for those of us who care & challenge the truthless theocrats. Please accept my most sincere gratitude for your wonderful work & best wishes on Volume III.

(retired Texas lawyer, retired US judge & retired Army Brigadier General)

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  1. Carl jones sr

    Hi, just ran across your name. It’s a wonder I haven’t seen it before. I have questioned the way religious history has been bent and mis-shaped and have written three books about it.the first is what has happened to the admiration Thomas Jefferson had for the real Jesus and how much effort he took to meet and understand the real man and his ultra morality. My second book, Pauls Joax talks about how the Apostle Paul created a Super Hero out of Jesus and then tells how Christmas came about. The third book is less than 100 pages and uses time line more than religious ref to detail the method and how apostle Paul created Christianity and rewrote history in a way to leave the real Jesus out of it.
    I am 82 and in failing health but would be happy to send you copies of all three book if you are interested. Of course, free.

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