MAD WORLD NEWS – Whining Liberals Force Military To Remove Item From “Missing Man Table”

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1 Comment

  1. So, the Fundamentalists are upset even after the VA director himself conceded it was an oversight that it was there, and it being there violated VA policies, regulations and law. Just hateful and jealous that other faiths are taken into consideration.

    If a Pious and devout Christian were to make the claim that they met Jesus Christ and he spoke to them, they’d be screaming sacralige and spewing hate that someone dare make such a claim. That would be that insecure jealousy again.

    Remove it = met with hateful jealousy

    Claim to truely believe and have actually encountered Christ = met with even more hatefulness and insecurity.

    These Fundamentalists really can make ANY argument work in their minds. I guess it’s true, with faith, all things are possible! (Dripping with sarcasim)

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