publicity hound

Your founder’s recent action claiming that Christians have complained about a Bible at the Missing Man Table is a joke but I’m not laughing.
Do that again asshole and I will lead the picketing of your office and home.
YOu shoul like that publicity.
You’re nothing but a publicity seeking leech on society.
You get zero respect and 100% disgust from the real Christians . . . of all denominations.
You must be an atheist.
(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld) –


I am writing in response to your February 29, 2016 email to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (“MRFF”).


I assure you that our action to remove the Bible from the POW/MIA Missing Man Table is far from any sort of “joke.”  We received complaints from multiple veterans who receive care from that VA clinic and, whether you like it or not, the majority of those complaints came from veterans who identify as Christians.  In fact, over 96% of our over 45,000 clients are Christians!  If you do not believe these service members are “real” Christians, that is not our concern.


While the clinic administrator stated he was unaware of any complaints, that is because the complaints were reported to MRFF instead of directly to him.  Our clients face very real threats of retaliation as a result of complaining about constitutional violations.  In cases such as this one, that threat is especially real for our Christian clients – as your email demonstrates, other “Christians” wrongfully view them as traitors.


You may view us with “zero respect and 100% disgust,” but it is incredibly arrogant to claim that ALL Christians must feel that way – our Christian clients certainly don’t.  We are their voice and we work tirelessly to protect them, along with service members of all religious faiths, or no faith – not to gain publicity.  Your threat to picket us means nothing because you are nothing more than a narcissistic oxygen thief.  Our attention belongs to the thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, cadets, and veterans who suffer at the hands of people like you.




Tobanna Barker

MRFF Legal Affairs Coordinator

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  1. Pooka

    –and as usual, as pointed out in the book —

    “You Can be a Good Speller, or a Hater —- But Not Both”

    ——- they usually don’t spell well.

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