ALLEN B WEST – U.S. “ally” SEIZES Christian churches; Here’s Obama’s response…

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  1. Rev Bob

    All I can say is Amen Col West, you nailed it right on the head, hypocrisy at it’s worst. I stand and salute you Col West!! Keep up the good fight of the faith that was given to us by the apostles!!

  2. G

    Well, Rev Bob, during the American labor strikes of the 1920s and 1930s, any churches siding with the striking worker would find their churches and houses being deprive of their utilities, the pastor’s house and church being padlocked, and the pastor would be driven out of the corporate town. Fine example of business people respecting/fearing God and his pastors trying to bring economic/labor reforms for the American workers. Like I have said before money and power are the gods for business people. Of course, nowadays, most religious leaders find that is profitable to be on the side of business leaders.

  3. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation views the Bible as a symbol of “religious oppression”. Oh, gee, really? And your drive to ban the book is what? Maybe oppression, too?

    I’m sorry but your rights END when they infringe on mine.

    The rights of ALL continue to be stepped on in preference of the rights of a few. That way of thinking is NOT America’s way. It is NOT what my father fought for in WW II. He would be ashamed of what this nation has become. This country was founded in part on the principle of tolerance. Tolerance in America today is gone.

  4. Tom O

    J. Conrad Guest: Can you explain how removing a bible from a government-sponsored public display is an attempt to “ban the Bible,” and how that removal “infringes” on any of your rights? Do you believe you have the “right” to use the government to support YOUR religious beliefs over other religions?

  5. Tom O

    Another “Christians are being persecuted” claim that looks real on the surface, but ignores some of the facts and the logical conclusions those facts suggest.
    West’s article says that the properties were “seized” as part of a historical preservation project which “seized” 6,300 separate properties, implying that all properties in the same area were “seized,” without specifying exactly what “seized” means. If the government were trying to target Christian churches, they undoubtedly could find a
    legal way to do do so in a more narrowly-defined way that wouldn’t require them to “seize” 6,300 other properties. West also doesn’t say if this same mass “seizure”
    affected any non-Christian houses of worship: if they “seized” 6,300 properties in the oldest part of the city, it’s highly unlikely that the ONLY religious buildings in that large an area were Christian churches. More significantly, he writes that 6 churches were “seized,” but doesn’t say that the government is interfering in any way with the normal activities of those churches.
    Then West jumps from Turkey to the court case of Monifa Sterling, ignoring the fact that Ms. Sterling was court-martialed for other, more serious offences than displaying
    a distorted version of a bible verse on her desk. for more detail, see

  6. Rev Bob

    Well said Mr. Guest, bravo!

  7. Tom O

    Notice that Rev Bob enthusiastically agrees with Mr. Guest’s comment, but doesn’t want to answer the questions I asked J. Conrad Guest at 10:38AM.
    Speaking of Rev Bob’s repeated “Christian persecution” claims that he can’t substantiate, on the comment thread for
    Rev Bob wrote in his first comment there about “children here in the US who have been told that they cannot pray over their food in their schools cafeteria by a school cafeteria worker or they cannot pray with other students on campus during breaks during the day.”
    On that thread, I asked him 3 times (9:13PM 4/14, 12:21PM 4/15, 7:50PM 4/18) if those children went to court to demand their their religious freedom, and what was the end result. He’s had 2 weeks to answer, but hasn’t. What does that tell you?

  8. G

    Tell me that people like Rev Bob don’t have rational thinking in their heads.

  9. Tom O

    No, it tells us that Rev Bob tells onlythe part of the story that fits in with his “Christians are being persecuted” claims, just like West did in the article linked at the top of this page. Like other theocrats, they try to “play the victim” to distract others from the ways the theocrats try to push their religion on the rest of us. A more blatant example is their frequent claim that same-sex marriage some how “threatens” or (Rev Bob’s word) “cheapens” heterosexual marriages, even though they can never explain how that supposedly happens. (see his 8:14AM 4/17 comment at

  10. G

    “No, it tells us that Rev Bob tells only the part of the story that fits in with his “Christians are being persecuted” claims, just like West did in the article linked at the top of this page.

    If Rev Bob tells only part of the story, then it proves he is not capable of full rational thinking.

  11. Tom O

    Writing only part of the story is a very rational way to create a false perception in readers’ minds, at least the minds of readers who don’t think critically.

  12. G

    “Writing only part of the story is a very rational way to create a false perception in readers’ minds, at least the minds of readers who don’t think critically.”

    That is true especially, when people don’t take the time to look at the story and use their critical thinking skills to find out whether the story stands up to close examination.

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