FYI: POW/MIA Missing Man Table


From an email to a friend, protesting the Bible on the table setting:
……….a little research shows that the Bible has only recently been add to the POW/MIA Missing Man table:  [no Bible]
This file is still on the Inet, but source info dates it at:  Sat 14 Sep 2013 08:44:05 AM CDT  [Bible, included]
This file was modified:  Sun 24 Apr 2016 08:55:23 AM CDT  [Bible, included]
File modified:  Sun 24 Apr 2016 08:59:39 AM CDT  original file, not available.  [no Bible]

POW MIA Remembrance Table Ceremony  [no Bible]

Granted, my research has not been exhaustive; but, it would seem that if the Bible were that important to the table setting that it would not have been omitted previously.

I will have to stand with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) on this matter; there is no place for the Bible, or any other religious book, in any publicly supported function.


(name withheld)
Keep up all your good work at MRFF.
(name withheld)

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1 Comment

  1. Joe Odom

    Excellent set of examples… hopefully I saw them all. Everyone wants to jump on a successful bandwagon – leave it as it was imagined (which was completely correct to the Constitution we swore to uphold and defend).



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