Jesus is a Marine

I am the wife of a U.S. marine. Leave the marines alone to pray with Jesus as we all see fit. You are awful terrible man. I hope you just drop dead and nobody comes to your funeal. I hope your wife and children cries their eyes out until they shake and faint. Read about them all. Because no marine ever will mourn for you mikey. ‘Semper Fi” means loyalty to the flag and to our Lord and Savior.
Not to a atheist. And no to a hateful liberal. And a pretend jew. Go back to israel and be a commie Christ hater there.

(name withheld)


If so, Jesus was a Jewish Marine.

(name withheld)



Send the following to the Marine wife who thinks Jesus is what makes a good Marine. It written by the historian William Manchester, a World War II Marine left for dead on an Okinawa battlefield. Much to his (and corpsmen’s) surprise, he was still alive when they came to collect his body. He was sent to a hospital in Hawaii where only the gravest of the wounded were sent. Then one day a phony Marine named John Wayne came to visit.

Manchester wrote in a 1987 NY Times magazine piece:

“After my evacuation from Okinawa, I had the enormous pleasure of seeing Wayne humiliated in person at Aiea Heights Naval Hospital in Hawaii. Only the most gravely wounded, the litter cases, were sent there. The hospital was packed, the halls lined with beds. Between Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the Marine Corps was being bled white.

“Each evening, Navy corpsmen would carry litters down to the hospital theater so the men could watch a movie. One night they had a surprise for us. Before the film the curtains parted and out stepped John Wayne, wearing a cowboy outfit – 10-gallon hat, bandanna, checkered shirt, two pistols, chaps, boots and spurs. He grinned his aw-shucks grin, passed a hand over his face and said, ‘Hi ya, guys!’ He was greeted by a stony silence. Then somebody booed. Suddenly everyone was booing.

“This man was a symbol of the fake machismo we had come to hate, and we weren’t going to listen to him. He tried and tried to make himself heard, but we drowned him out, and eventually he quit and left. If you liked ‘Sands of Iwo Jima,’ I suggest you be careful. Don’t tell it to the Marines.”

(name withheld)

Good Afternoon, (name withheld) –

Before getting to anything else, I want to thank you and your husband for your military service.  As a veteran, husband, and father myself, I know very well that when the husband serves, the whole family serves and that everyone must make sacrifices. I want you to know that I appreciate all that your entire family does to help keep American safe and secure.
Thanks, too, for taking the time to write to the MRFF and express your concerns… although I do wish the tone of your note had not been so nasty and hateful. Like you, I am a Christian and I don’t believe that we represent our faith well when we say the types of things that you conveyed in your email. But I would like to chalk that up to human frailty on your part, and would hope that in retrospect you can agree that such barbs are decidedly un-Christian.
In addition to being a lifelong, committed, and active Christian, I am also a USAF Academy graduate (’85), a veteran USAF officer, and an MRFF supporter. In case you don’t know much about our mission, we are dedicated to ensuring that all members of the United States Armed Forces fully receive the Constitutional guarantees of religious freedom to which they and all Americans are entitled by virtue of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.  I realize that some in the conservative media misrepresent both the MRFF generally and Mikey Weinstein specifically as being anti-Christian atheists. That is not the truth. In fact, the vast majority (more than 9 in 10) of MRFF supporters and clients are people of faith, mostly Christians.
So why is it, you may ask, that the MRFF raised a concern about the manner in which the “Prayerful Leadership” talk at Quantico has been publicized? Simply put, the manner in which it was done gave the invitation a clear imprimatur and endorsement from the Commanding General, and that is inappropriate.  Now, it may be that the effort was well-intended, but good intentions don’t always mean appropriate Constitutional behavior. This sort of communication should have come from the Chaplaincy and not from the office of the CG. That is the entire basis for the MRFF objection – we are not speaking out against Christianity and we are not challenging the individual beliefs of any Marine. We are only challenging what I think is an obvious Constitutional misstep on the part of the CG; allowing her position to be used as a ‘seal of approval’ for a sectarian religious event.
Lastly, regarding the subject line of your email — No ma’am, Jesus is not a Marine, nor are all Marines Christian. The Marine Corps ranks include many good, honorable, brave men and women of all manner of belief (including non-belief). To suggest that the beliefs of Christians are entitled to preferential treatment over all other beliefs and non-belief is a slap in the face of every non-Christian Marine, both active duty and veteran.
The position of the MRFF is that all members of the military, both Christian and non-Christian, believer and non-believer, is equally entitled to live and work in an environment that does not give preference to any particular sectarian religious belief.. not even my own beloved Christianity. That is the basis of one of the most fundamental rights of all Americans.
Respecting the rights of those who don’t share our beliefs doesn’t make us worse Christians — it makes us better Americans and better military members.
I wish you, your husband, and your entire family a long and healthy life.
Mike Challman
Christian, USAF veteran, MRFF supporter

Gee (name withheld),

What an ugly and illiterate message to receive from someone who suggests she has a relationship with Jesus. I’m sure it wounds your Lord and Savior to see that someone who claims to believe in him could be at once so wrong, so stupid and so anti-Christian in one short message.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


It is regrettable that your Christian values are so perverted that you have lost sight of Jesus’ message of Peace and Goodwill to men.  I believe that you will at some point learn that a marine’s oath of loyalty is first and foremost to upholding the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),
I am a Sioux Indian You Communist  Sick- ISIS type J-Freak. I volunteered for both my combat theatre tours- Korea as enlisted Corporal  and a Captain flying a Marine  F4 Phantom, 110 Close Air Support missions, VMFA 115. Most down tree top level , one at a time drops, some twos where you mostly get shot at. I don’t sweat what you believe but stay the hell outta my sweat lodge or knock on my door threatening some cross with an blooded up for drama Ethiopian hanging on it. , What the hell do you think you can threaten a Veteran’s Spirit World after he departs and worse his family/ Worse invoke a Benevolent Creator would support your wicked mind set. . Who in the Hell are you- GOD? My Sioux beliefs allow me to believe Creator (Yah- Only One ) Like the One that appeared to Moses you Heretic. IT (Not He or She) declared vehemently that “THOU Shalt Not Have Any Other Gods Before Thee. (Not a 3 in 1 or a 1 in 3. Those 30 Nutts Council of Nicea invented- came up with that one. Believe that B S  all you want but when you portray Creator as some kind of punishing Ogre. You will pay big time – you over zealous religious Nutt and your husband if a true Marine is bound to support all laws of the U S A- One is Separation of Church and State. Evangelicals which you no doubt are- came over here to our Indian Land, We – wisely and respectfully never arguing on who or what Creator is and accepting that it is Simply an unfathomable MYSTERY. Your religious progenitors sought protection to worship freely and not be persecuted; such were allowed as long as you didn’t violate other harmonious sects. That Church State Protection allowed you too- you ungrateful idiot. Semper Fi Means loyalty to our countries bona fide Laws. Thank Creator, I as a patriotic Indian was never put down or harassed because my Creator concept was a bit different (Probably a bit more accurate since our “Church’ took in no Money or had a hierarchy of Mullahs, Clerics, preachers, priests, bishops, Popes , etc all claiming to define Creator) ) from the majority. No one gave a Rats ass in my Battalion (Korea) or my Squadron (Nam). We had a GD war to fight which was our Focus. Get a Brain- Marne Wife! Major Ed McGaa, Chief’ Lord and Savior- my Ass!

‘Semper Fi” means loyalty to the flag and to our Lord and Savior.

(name withheld)










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  1. Tom O

    “‘Semper Fi” means loyalty to the flag and to our Lord and Savior.” Thanks for writing what all the theocrats believe but are usually unwilling to say publicly.

  2. Rev Bob

    Not sure Jesus was a Marine, in fact I know he was not, however, scripture does say he is a warrior! Semper Fi – always loyal to Jesus and Israel!

  3. Tom O

    Apparently Rev Bob believes that members of the US military should have more loyalty to another country than to the US.

  4. Rev Bob

    Tom O,

    I am loyal to my country, but Israel is my spiritual homeland!

  5. Mark Sebree

    Rev Bob,

    Perhaps you should name what your country really is, since you do not seem to have any real loyalty to the United States of America. You want to destroy our republic and dismantle our freedoms and liberties and replace them with an oppressive theocracy where freedom and liberty are a distant memory.

  6. Tom O

    When Rev Bob says Jesus is a warrior, remind yourself of these quotes from Rev Bob’s favorite book.
    “Thou shalt not kill”
    “Blessed are the peacemakers”
    “Turn the other cheek”
    “The meek shall inherit the earth”
    What kind of weapon would Jesus carry? AK-47? M16? bazooka? nuke?

  7. Rev Bob

    The LORD is a man of war; the LORD is his name. – Exodus 15:3 – this comes from a song that Moses sang to God after being delivered from the Egyptian army that was drowned in the Red Sea during the exodus from Egypt to Israel.

    Jesus does not need any weapon, He just needs to speak one word and nations can be conquered, national leaders fall dead. Scripture says that Jesus calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee just by speaking one word, “be still.”

  8. Rev Bob

    I am loyal to the United States, but also loyal to my spiritual homeland, but if the United States were ever to attack Israel, I will side with Israel and take up arms for Israel against the United States.

  9. Mark Sebree

    Rev Bob,

    Which answers the question. You have not really shown any loyalty to the USA in what you have written, and you have just stated that you primary loyalty is to Israel. That means that if the USA did ever have a reason to attack Israel, you would turn traitor to the land of your birth. You are certainly no patriot.

  10. G

    “Jesus does not need any weapon, He just needs to speak one word and nations can be conquered, national leaders fall dead. Scripture says that Jesus calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee just by speaking one word, “be still.”

    Well, if that was true, then the Romans and Babylon would have never conquered Israel and the Israels would have never had to fight all those people when they cross into Israel from Sinai.

  11. Rev Bob


    Yes, should the United States have any reason to attack Israel, I would turn traitor and support Israel, because I would rather be on the right side of history than the wrong side, because I already know who would win and it would not be the United States. God even promises to bless those who bless His people and curse those who curse His people! I would rather be on the side of blessing than cursing.

    I would not put it past Israel to have a submarine parked somewhere off the East Coast listening in on us especially in Wash. DC.

    Did you know that while 18 yr olds here in the States go off to college, 18yr olds in Israel must enter the military, men for 3 years and women for 2 years, pilots have to serve 5 years in the IDF.

  12. Connie

    Rev Bob. You told me you’d smack me because I had the audacity to call you traitor. And here you are, labeling yourself as one. Perhaps you should start a new hobby – self flagellation.

  13. Rev Bob

    I was saying that I was a traitor because that is what Mark said I am, I don’t see myself as a traitor to any country. If ever there was a war between the US and Israel and I side with Israel, humans would consider me a traitor, but God would bless me for taking the side of Israel, my spiritual homeland where Christianity was birthed you might say. Is not God called the God of Israel even though He does love every country, but throughout scripture He is referred to as the God of Israel! When Jesus returns He will not return to the United States or Canada, or Brazil, or Germany, He will return from where He left, Israel! Israel is the center of the world according to God. Scripture says that the Jewish people are the “apple of His eye” During Jesus’s earthly reign on earth, once a year all the nations of the earth will have to go to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.

  14. Connie

    Right preacher man. I’m a girl so I don’t understand your manly mans context – is that it? Rev Bob – you are so busy living in the future you forget that today is a gift – that’s why it’s called the present (paraphrased from Kung Fu Panda).

    I looked up the Terms of Use for this site. You are not allowed to proselytize. I will not tolerate your attempts any more. The next time will result in an email to the moderators. This is not a church. You are not a spiritual leader here, just another citizen. I, for one, grow tired of you and your empty soul, heart, and brain.

    As for me – yeah, I’ve dropped the F bomb several times. I won’t be doing that again. This is a family rated site and I apologize for my inappropriate language. If Rev Bob crosses the boundaries again, I will take steps to ensure the rules are observed.

  15. Rev Bob

    God does not say I cannot proselytize on this site, I don’t answer to man or women in this case, but only to God, so I will do it whenever and where ever I so chose to do it, here, on a plane, in bathroom, too my daughters friends in the local mall, to the clerk who is checking me out at the grocery store, to men and women in uniform I may see in a fast food place. I will never answer to man or government on how or where I share my faith in Christ. I only answer to God first, not my government! I am a Jesus Revolutionary!!!

  16. G

    “Did you know that while 18 yr olds here in the States go off to college, 18yr olds in Israel must enter the military, men for 3 years and women for 2 years, pilots have to serve 5 years in the IDF.”

    Do you know Rev Bob, that it is impossible for many 18 years old to go to college? At least in the IDF, you don’t have to have a college degree to become an officer or a pilot in the IDF. The US military will have a very hard time trying to get officers from the colleges and universities due to lack of free/affordable college education.

  17. Connie

    Rev Bob – Holy Rebel – Yeshua Warrior –

    As a civilian, you betcha, you have the right to say as many dumb things as you want. What you are not free from are the consequences of those words.

    Regarding your claim that you don’t have obey the terms of use for the site, consider yourself reported. I’m done. You don’t answer to Man’s Laws. Really? So you don’t obey the speed limit either? Good to know preacher man, good to know.

  18. Tom O

    KEEP PROSELYTIZING, Rev Bob!!! If the personality you display in person is similar to the one you display here, it will turn off anyone who’s not already a bible-thumper fundamentalist.
    I see that after 3 days you haven’t yet had anything to say about the inconsistency between your “Jesus is a warrior” attitude and the quotes from your favorite book in my 9:00AM 4/30 comment.

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