Pray for Weinstein’s wife and daughters

Dear Mr. Michael Weinstein,

It seems that you and your “crucify Jesus as many times as possible” followers at the MFFFR don’t like the rape prevention program put on by the Army at the Red Stone Army base in Alabama.

Apparently the mere mention of faith in “Jesus” and his healing Grace as being the only reasonable cure for rape is just a little too much for the anti-Christian and anti-American likes of you and your liberal Obummer loving groupies. How dare you try to take Christ out of the Army’s anti-rape program you evil leftist. Atheist filth.

We just pray that your wife and daughters get ass raped hard and often and then let us see what you say. Shall we Michael?

You will come begging on hands and knees for Jesus to make them whole. But it will be too late.

You deserve the flames of hell and you will get them. So do your wife and daughters.

Do not reply as noone here wants to hear the lies of Satan from your cursed lips.


Bible Believing Americans, Walking With The Lord Jesus


Dear “Bible Believing Americans, Walking With The Lord Jesus” –


I asked Mikey Weinstein to allow me to respond to your April 30, 2016 email to him and he generously granted my request.


Please note that I placed the name of your “group” in quote marks above.  This is sarcasm, as the content of your email makes it clear that you have neither read the Bible, nor follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Additionally, I suspect that your email is not truly from any group, but is instead the disgusting rant of a single, lonely, and sadly misguided individual.  The obviously fake email address was sort of a giveaway.


Regarding the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention (“SHARP”) Training Program that took place in Redstone, you claim that it is “too much” for MRFF to accept the “mere mention of faith in Jesus…as being the only reasonable cure for rape.”  As an initial matter, you should know that there is no “cure” for rape – it is an intentional, violent act with an immeasurable impact on the victim and it can never be forgotten or “cured.”


That said, you are correct – we have a major problem with teaching service members that the ONLY way to survive and recover from sexual assault is to accept Christ or any other deity or religion.  Not only was the presentation an unconstitutional endorsement of Christianity over other religions, or no religion, it demonstrated an utter disregard for the needs of sexual assault victims within the military.


While many victims have relied on Christianity to relieve their suffering, many others found strength from other religions, therapy, pursuing criminal or civil charges, or a variety of other options.  Each of these choices is valid and each should be included in a training program designed to both prevent assault and assist victims who have already suffered from such assault.


To teach that accepting Christianity is the only suitable way to recover from assault implies that non-Christian victims are undeserving of such recovery.  This is not only false and insulting, it takes advantage of people suffering as the result of a violent act committed upon them to further an agenda of converting our military into a military for Christ, rather than a military devoted to defending the Constitution.  While MRFF recognizes and appreciates that Christianity has assisted some victims in their recovery, we refuse to allow any religion to be forced upon all victims as their only option.


You ask, “How dare you try to take Christ out of the Army’s anti-rape program?”  Well, here is my question: How dare YOU attempt to dictate a victim’s recovery process?!  Moreover, how dare you even claim to follow Christ or the teachings of the Bible?!  Only someone truly vile would pray that anyone be “ass raped” – particularly when the fine women upon whom he wishes such violence have never caused him any harm.


There is nothing Christian about praying for others to suffer extreme harm just so you can feel better about yourself.  You are not a Christian – you are a pathetic, narcissistic, waste of space.  If you want to honestly say that you believe in the Bible, I suggest you actually read it and use its teachings to be productive instead of spending your life as a useless oxygen thief.


Blessed be,


Tobanna Barker

MRFF Legal Affairs Coordinator




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  1. Yaz Tanner

    Bible Believing Americans, Walking With The Lord Jesus,

    You guys are joke and you’re prayers will go unanswered.



  2. Paula

    BBA, WWTLJ: Well, gee, what a loving bunch you seem to be! You wish for Mr. Weinstein’s family to be “ass raped hard”; where in the bible might I find that? It is reasonably obvious that you believe in (or at least rant about) the healing power of yeshua, but as a person who has no belief and no interest in yeshua. I am appalled. Of course, you also seem to think Mr. Weinstein is an atheist. You are willfully saying that as if it were a bad thing! You see, he is a practitioner of the Jewish faith, but it doesn’t fit into your hateful screed, so you simply ignore that fact. Your words only describe, say something, about you; they have absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Weinstein or MRFF.

  3. XaurreauX

    Just another enraged white, Christian male frantically trying to hold on to his unearned privilege and his evaporating relevance.

  4. G

    If religion could really help rape victims, the victims would have recovered from their trauma a long time ago.

  5. Rev Bob

    What an assanine comment!! You have no idea how long it takes someone to recover from the trauma of sexual exploitation do you?? Can God totally heal someone in an instant, of course, but for some He takes them through a process so that He can better use them to help others who are going through the same thing.

    Do you know that on average for anyone religious or not, it usually takes 2 years for someone to go through the grieving process of the death of a loved one.

    Your comment makes as much sense as telling someone who just had major heart surgery, with all the major medical advancements, you should be able to resume your old routine of running in one day after surgery.

    Think of emotional healing like an onion, once you pull off one layer, then there is another layer you need to deal with and another and another layer.

  6. G

    Rev Bob, you shouldn’t tell me about an assinine comment with the way you are leaving so many assinine comments on this website to people like Connie.

    If Jesus Christ can calm the Galilee Sea with the words “be still” as you stated in one of your comments, then God should be doing that kind of immediate healing with the rape victims. People like you who claim that religion saves thousands of lives are like those persons selling snake oil claiming that it can cure all kinds of illnesses and diseases. Or like those televangelists who claimed that if you send them money, your illnesses and personal/professional problems will go away and/or that you get some kind of reward very soon.

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