Sorry to see the madness over removing the Bible from the MIA table; you are doing great work

Just read the garbage opinion article at Fox. Nonsense. As an atheist, I always was uncomfortable with the Bible placed at the POW table. In fact, I once in Afghanistan complained about it- and got it removed at Baghram back in 2012. Took about a day, but I penned a persuasive argument that many non-Christians were serving, had died, and might die on the next patrol…and we were uncomfortable with one religion speaking for all others. Thank you again for what you do- I know that for every one positive email you must get a thousand hate filled ignorant ones, but I am humbled to have even known you. Keep at it! 
(name withheld)

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  1. J

    Why uncomfortable to see a Christian bible on POW table? Should the fact that some people are uncomfortable about what is or is not in POW table be a motivation for the POW table to adjust to their desire? What other situations, including non-religious, can you see if this same principle is applied to them? For example, if a group doesn’t feel comfortable with seeing Dodge or Nissan cars in their county or city, is it dumb or morally right to enforce their desire to see none of those cars? I hope MRFF does say it is dumb. If it answers the latter, that it is morally right to enforce it, the public has eyes to see how far into tunnel vision MRFF has gotten itself into. if MRFF answers that it is not about religious freedom, public sees through its thin veil of excuse and refusal to admit its weak ideas.

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