Mr. Weinstein,

I would like this opportunity to thank you and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation for their adept and apt services. The MRFF serves as a bulwark for the common soldier that is interested in religious freedom within the military; enlisted, warrant, and commissioned alike. You offered anonymity and results, and you achieved those results. I can only offer my sincere thanks for achieving favorable results for my case. I know you will publish this email for further clients, and I wish my words to impact their actions. I wish to pivot toward the reader of this email. 

Future client! You know that anonymity in the military is almost impossible to achieve. IG and EO are only so secure when lodging a complaint. I know this, and you do too. This is where Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF steps in. Trust in them and use them with absolute certainty that they will achieve results and preserve your anonymity. When it comes to securing a favorable military community that respects secularism, the MRFF is the only way to go. Trust in them like I did, and reap the benefits.

Mikey, you are doing a great service for the uniformed personnel of this nation and you further serve to protect our constitutional rights. Our constitution serves to add to the diversity that benefits the nation as a whole. Please call on me to come to action whenever you need. I sincerely, and humbly thank you for all that you have done. Keep on keepin on brother!


(name, rank, MOS, unit and installation all withheld)

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