BURN Forever

You are going to burn in hell for your evil role in the destruction of our military by removing the presence of the Son of God Jesus Christ.
You and your MRFF crucify Him day after day and you will all pay for eternity as you burn for eternity for your devil deeds. GO Air ForceAcademy!

(name withheld)



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  1. Mark Sebree

    Such a hateful and irrational letter. Apparently, he does not appreciate the freedoms and liberties that exist in this country. Apparently, he wants to live under a theocracy or theonomy, probably one which endorses his beliefs above all others.

    Perhaps he should place himself into a position where other people force their beliefs onto him, and demonize his beliefs and his calls for equal rights. I.e. he should try walking in the footsteps of the people he demonizes.

    Holding the Air Force Academy accountable to Air Force and DOD regulations is not evil. It is holding them to the standards that they should be upholding in the first place. It they didn’t continuously try to circumvent those regulations, there would be no need for the MRFF. And the MRFF does not crucify anyone. 95% of their clients are Christians, after all.

  2. Ioan Lightoller

    That letter is disgusting. Even if someone is a believer, I find it difficult to think his Savior would approve at all of his hate and ignorance. Glad you are sticking with the difficult job of fighting all these Dominionists who want to force their beliefs on the rest of us. GO, MIKEY!

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